Youthful Looks

I’m no fan of Australia’s David Pocock, but this is pretty cool:

But what really amused me was this comment:

This is meant as a dig at Israel Folau for his anti-gay remarks. So how’s old Izzy looking these days?

Oh. That link between homophobia and ugliness is looking a little tenuous, isn’t it?


7 thoughts on “Youthful Looks

  1. Surely the real story is Pocock looked 27 as a schoolboy rather than he hasn’t aged?

    My quick poll of the gays* on Folau suggested they don’t really care about his quaint beliefs but would be prepared to discuss them with him at length, ideally in a sauna.

    * well a gay, my mate Mark.

  2. * well a gay, my mate Mark.

    You wouldn’t know it by the way the media bangs on about them, but they’re a vanishingly small percentage of the population. 2-3% at most.

  3. Not in the media Daniel!

    I suspect the percentage of men who like sex with other men is a fair bit higher than 3%. That isn’t the same as being gay, of course, since many of them are married to women.

  4. I did a very scientific audit of my facebook friends a little while ago and they came out (boom) as 4% gay and 1% lesbian, although I think I had to round up the lesbians.

    Although, as Chester says, there must be many more who’ve given it a try.

  5. Back on topic, my opinion of Pocock shot up considerably when Tim highlighted his even-handed and sensible public comments about Folau and his beliefs.

  6. Although, as Chester says, there must be many more who’ve given it a try.

    Anyone who’s played rugby, for instance.

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