Drinks in the Smoke

I’m going to be in London between 5th and 15th June, with a lot of time on my hands. Evening of Saturday 9th is booked up but I’m pretty much available the rest of the time. Anyone fancy getting a drink? If there’s enough interest, we could even have a meetup to discuss, erm, plastic bags and polyamory.


21 thoughts on “Drinks in the Smoke

  1. Tim –O/T but could you have a look at these links and make it a full post.

    We have it seems about a month to stop the EU using their proposed “link tax” to finish the Internet off for Europeans. That is no blogs, no alt media–cos only the MSM scum could afford the link tax fees.

    It is very urgent –the deadline is 20th June.

    Everybody reading this –please read and spread as far as you can otherwise –kaput.



  2. I can also do after the 9th (I’m volunteering at some Invictus sailing trials until then) if I can get a room at the VSC plus I want to see someone in London as well so a good opportunity.

  3. Amsterdam? Waar is dat dan? :p

    (can’t live in the Den Haag region for 8 years and not pick up some of the local cultural prejudices 😀 )

  4. Long time lurker, occasional commenter.

    I’d be up for meeting the author of the definitive tome on modern relationships and to compare horror stories (well, I’ve been somewhere between horrified and amused by the swinging adventures I’ve heard). Mine’s on Kindle so can’t be autographed, dammit.

    Can’t really do any evenings next week, but the one after looks pretty free.

  5. Meet a bunch of anonymous correspondents from the internet? Seems like an ideal opportunity for the powers-that-be to track everyone with incorrect views. Count me in, if only to watch from the sidelines as I usually do here…..

  6. Could be around on the evening 12th or 13th as I should be there for a conference on 13th

    We have actual plane flights to London, doncha know!

  7. Damn. Sadly I haven’t a suitcase of cash lying around that I can give to Air Canada on such short notice. I’ll be there in spirit.

  8. Hmm. Interested in popping up on the rattler, but not sure if I can make the dates work. Have fun.

  9. I work outside the M25, but live inside it (yep, I’m an idiot) – I’d be interested in attending any London-based drinks during this period, as long as you can let me know what/where/when.

  10. I’ll be there in spirit.

    Hope someone remembers to bring a guitar… 🙂

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