Protected Classes

A few recent stories are worth reading one after another. The first:

The leader and deputy leader of far-right group Britain First have been found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment.

Paul Golding, 36, and Jayda Fransen, 32, were arrested over the distribution of leaflets and posting of online videos during a gang-rape trial.

Fransen was convicted of three counts of religiously aggravated harassment. Golding was found guilty of one charge.

Judge Justin Barron threw out three of the charges, while Fransen was found guilty of three and Golding of one.

He told the court the pair were “well-known”, “controversial” and “generate their own publicity”, but his verdict was based “solely on admissible evidence heard in court”.

He said their words and actions “demonstrated hostility” towards Muslims and the Muslim faith.

The second:

Austrian activist Martin Sellner of Génération Identitaire and his girlfriend, American author and YouTuber Brittany Pettibone, have been detained by airport police in England for nearly three days.

There is a photo of a letter that Pettibone supposedly received from the Home Office doing the rounds on Twitter: I don’t know if it is genuine, but I sincerely hope not.

The third:

The government has banned Canadian right-wing activist and journalist Lauren Southern from Britain, being held at Calais just days after Austrian activist Martin Sellner and author Brittany Pettibone were refused entry at Heathrow.

This refusal also apparently came with a letter. Is it bogus? I don’t know. Lauren Southern has a habit of making shit up.

The fourth:

Up to 1,000 children could have fallen victim to child sexual exploitation in Telford over a 40-year-period, according to a Sunday newspaper.

An investigation by the Sunday Mirror gathered allegations of abuse in the Shropshire town said to include cases involving girls as young as 11 who were drugged, beaten and raped.

Allegations reported to date back to the 1980s are said to have been mishandled by authorities, with many perpetrators going unpunished, while it was claimed similar abuse is continuing in the area.

Telford’s Conservative MP, Lucy Allan, has previously called for a Rotherham-style inquiry into the allegations and called the latest reports “extremely serious and shocking”.

So who was running these rape gangs? Well The Guardian isn’t saying but it does give us a link to this story concerning similar happenings in the same area:

Seven teenage girls – one as young as 13 – were groomed into child prostitution with offers of alcohol, drink and cash by nine men in a sex-trafficking ring which centred around a small Shropshire town, a court has heard.

Three of the men, brothers Ahdel Ali, 23; Mubarek Ali, 28; and Tanveer Ahmed, 39; are accused of acting as “pimps” and exploited their victims. Others, including Abdul Rouf, 34, and the oldest defendant Mohammed Younis, 59, used their homes as brothels to allow men to engage in sexual activities with the girls, the court heard.

It’s another Rotherham, isn’t it? I wonder what the police and social services were doing all this time? Turning a blind eye through fear of being called racist?

Last December I noted that the some in Britain were seeking to ban Donald Trump from visiting the UK while at the same time mooting plans for returning ISIS fighters to be given housing at public expense. Back then I asked:

This raises the following question: are these people acting with a sizeable backing of the British population?

If not, and they keep going in this direction, eventually they’ll end up hanging from lamposts with their flesh carved off.

If they are, and the British people are actually on-board with this, then the country is absolutely, well and truly, down-the-road fucked.

The four stories I link to above suggests we’re going to find the answer relatively quickly.


11 thoughts on “Protected Classes

  1. I’m sorry to say my money’s on “not with a bang but a whimper.”

    I think the average voter simply cannot grasp that the British government has no concern for the welfare of Britain and her people, and that furthermore the domination of western Europe by Islam is now a fait accompli because there is no plausible policy which would stop it.

  2. And what – specifically and realistically – could/should I do? I am horrified, disgusted but feeling powerless/idea less.

  3. I’m old enough for the civilised behaviour of the British people to be pretty much inescapable in my reaction to events such as these. I am hoping though that perhaps some of my fellow Brits (younger perhaps?) will find the courage to take direct action on those responsible for the shaming of this nation, I’d pretty much sanction any behaviour at this point.

  4. And what – specifically and realistically – could/should I do? I am horrified, disgusted but feeling powerless/idea less.

    1. Make it clear to anyone who will listen that the way things are headed, if the ruling classes (e.g. media and politicians, and those who support them) don’t change, there will be some serious violence meted out.
    2. Let it be known that when this happens, your response will be to shrug your shoulders and put the blame solely on the ruling classes who brought this situation about.

    That’s pretty much what I do, anyway. When Britain gets its own set of Rohingya’s, don’t come bleating to me: I won’t care.

  5. I’d pretty much sanction any behaviour at this point.

    I’m the same. If I see anything, I’ll say I didn’t. If I’m asked questions, I’ll say nothing. If I’m on a jury, I’ll not convict. Again, blame the politicians and their supporters for this.

  6. I’d pretty much sanction any behaviour at this point.

    If certain people end up swinging from lamp posts …

    It horrifies me that I could even think this, much less write it. This cannot end well: the prospect of serious civil unrest is bad enough; apathetic abject surrender is arguably worse.

  7. I hadn’t heard of Lauren Southern but I’m familiar with the type. A pretty girl who isn’t quite tall or skinny enough for modeling can make good money as a professional conservative.

  8. @Tim I’ve been at that point since the Manchester Arena Bombing. I am no longer convinced that’s sufficient.

  9. Tim,

    I just read this and, as a British expat in the USA, I’m absolutely seething. I’m not sure what to make of the lack of a British reaction to it, though.

    The first possibility is that people are too cowed to speak up. Do so and there’s a real risk social services would take your kids, while you’d lose your job and then your house. Definitely not worth it. Meanwhile, any organised unrest would be ruthlessly and swiftly crushed, with the ringleaders given truly exemplary sentences.

    The second and, in my humble opinion, more likely interpretation is that people simply don’t care. Look at last year’s general election. An election is the only time politicians even pretend to listen to people. Despite that excellent opportunity, the encroachment of the state on traditional British liberties was hardly mentioned. Rather, the defining topic of the election came to be what was known as the “dementia tax”: should people be forced to sell their homes to pay for their end-of-life care.

    This makes me suspect that the British have made an implicit bargain with their government: they’ll put up with the nagging, bullying, hectoring and authoritarianism, so long as as the welfare state is there. Indeed, I think the only thing that would cause serious civil unrest would be a significant cut in government benefits. But so long as those benefits flow, house prices are rising – just like they should, as any Daily Mail reader will tell you – and there’s something good on the telly, everyone (just about) is happy.

    In the meantime, I think you have the right idea: see nothing, don’t talk to anyone and, if you have the chance, don’t convict. I used to refer to the British police as the pigs, until I decided that was offensive – to pigs.

  10. if you look at this article:

    and scroll down to the picture labelled Figure 5.1 – IF we can believe the figure and that it is based on data that ISN’T “massaged” – then as any engineer looking at a Pareto Diagram will tell you, you hit the biggest problem first. Which would be … can’t say because of political correctness. And to Telford, you need to add the names Newcastle Upon Tyne, Exeter, Portsmouth, Oxford, Rochdale, Rotherham and just about every other large British city with a Muslim population. Telford is hardly the tip of a very big iceberg.

    Why don’t the authorities “DO SOMETHING”? Well, since they are the source of the problem with their relentless mantra of multiculturism, then realistically, if the Muslims kick off, they are (for the moment) a small but significant minority. If the “Right Wing Extremists” get their message across then the majority of the British population kicking off will be a much bigger problem. Hence they will concentrate on white British people.

    The various governments (both left and right wing) have disarmed the people starting in 1920 and after 98 years of relentless propaganda and restrictions on firearms, Britain which once DID have a gun culture (i.e. when most people were familiar with guns and either owned them or had used them in the Army, TA etc and guns were a normal, everyday item) now no longer does – only criminals and the Government forces (little difference in them IMHO) have weapons. As Chairman Mao said, power comes out of the barrel of a rifle. You think that the Government of any stamp will want to give up power? I have a harbour bridge to sell you, plain brown envelope and small denomination, used notes only etc.

    The only way to turn the country around would to be set up an organisation as well organised and trained as the IRA and its many iterations (PIRA, Real IRA etc.) and import firearms from elsewhere (the Balkans, Russia, Middle East or America) This would be extremely difficult to do as the surveillance apparatus of the state plus double agents would sabotage their efforts. If it COULD be done, then they need to start to assassinate Politicians, Police Officers, particularly the Chief Constables, other public figures that support multiculturism and lawyers deeply involved in the Human Rights industry. Cherie Blair would be a no. 1 favourite as a suggestion. If people smugglers can manage to import quite literally a minimum of at least three times more people than are in the British army every year, then smuggling guns and explosives in won’t be too difficult.

    Together with that, start to attack Islam by closing down mosques, introduce a Jizya tax on them and cutting all benefits, all translation of official documents into their language and forbidding them to own property (before anyone objects to this, this is the case in the majority of the Muslim world for non Muslims). And end chain migration. Plus no Muslim can be a British citizen and if they are “British”, then issue them with a Nansen Passport and boot them out.

    Otherwise, there WILL be a civil war but it will be between the Government, the useful idiots (SJW’s) and the citizens. Afterwards … well, the survivors can cross that bridge when we come to it.

    What the society will be like after that will be anyones guess but I guarantee it will be a much harsher, impoverished and less tolerant one than exists at the moment.

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