Is there no limit to the damage wrought by Clinton?

Staying on the subject of Trump:

Russia’s foreign minister has dismissed as “blather” the charges levelled by the FBI special counsel against 13 Russians for election meddling.

Sergei Lavrov said at a major security conference in Germany he would not comment further until he saw “facts”.

According to the indictment:

The 37-page indictment says a group of Russians:

Posed as Americans, and opened financial accounts in their name; some visited the US

Spent thousands of dollars a month buying political advertising

Purchased US server space in an effort to hide their Russian affiliation

Organised and promoted political rallies within the United States

Posted political messages on social media accounts that impersonated real US citizens

Promoted information that disparaged Hillary Clinton

Received money from clients to post on US social media sites

Created themed groups on social media on hot-button issues, particularly on Facebook and Instagram

Operated with a monthly budget of as much as $1.25m (£890,000)

Financed the building of a cage large enough to hold an actress portraying Hillary Clinton in a prison uniform

The indictment says those involved systematically monitored the success of their internet posts.

All of the 13 people named were charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States. Three have also been accused of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and five have been accused of aggravated identity theft. Three companies have also been charged.

This is pretty weak sauce, and if the American election can be unduly influenced by this then the nation is in trouble indeed. And as Tim Worstall points out, the Americans intervened to a far greater extent in the Russian general election in the early 1990s, supporting reforms which went a long way to creating the discontent which Putin capitalised on to maintain his grip on power.

What this is, and always has been, is an attempt to save Hillary Clinton’s face. She lost the election fair and square because she was an appalling candidate, and rather than accept it, her supporters are prepared to wreck already fraught relations with a serious geopolitical rival to spin this ludicrous narrative. The damage this woman has done to the USA is incredible, and still it continues, yet everyone blames Trump. There are people out there, some of whom laughably call themselves conservatives, who believe this latest indictment is proof that Russia is at war with the United States. Yes, there are supposedly serious politicians and commentators calling for war with Russia because they don’t want to face up to the fact that Hillary was a lousy candidate.

Whereas I suppose Putin has found much of this genuinely amusing up to now, this indictment changes things. The individuals named are in Russia and so unlikely to be arrested, but the intent is there. Putin has often accused foreigners working for NGOs in Russia of interfering in politics, shutting down various organisations in the process. He was rightly criticised for this, but it’s hard to see why Russians should tolerate Americans doing political work in Russia if Americans believe disparaging Hillary Clinton on Facebook is an offence worthy of FBI indictment. If Putin chooses to do so he could start making life very difficult for Americans in Russia now, and the American government wouldn’t have a damned leg to stand on. Those who may find themselves languishing in an icy cell on dubious charges of political subversion can thank Hillary Clinton, her insatiable ego, and her thoroughly corrupt supporters for their predicament.


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  1. “as much as $1.2m”

    Scene: a hollowed out volcano.

    Dr Evil: “we will find our attempt to change the US elections by spending” (crash zoom on face) “1 point 2 meelion dollars” (Mike should put pinky in mouth, stroke white cat”
    No 2: “sorry Dr Evil. Since you were cryofrozen we had lots of inflation and $1.2m buys a shed in Washington”

  2. Americans voting for Trump or anyone here voting brexit obviously were influenced by outsiders as they are obviously too stupid to have their own opinions….so says the guardian et al and they are sticking to it through thick and thin. As for Putin like many I have no love for the man but I do admire the fact that he seems to work for Russia and Russians, a novelty for many of our pols….imagine working for your own country.

  3. As for Putin like many I have no love for the man but I do admire the fact that he seems to work for Russia and Russians

    To be honest, he’s working for himself and his pals, same as every other politician. But he’s at least pretending to work for Russia and Russians, and when he’s done gorging at the trough and satisfying his ego, he might actually do something for Russians. Our lot seem to take delight in showing us how much they hold us in absolute contempt.

  4. Tim, even pretend will do, the outright contempt shown by many of our politicians for our culture and our peoples future increases all the time. Looking after the average Russian even as an afterthought has to be better than the total disregard of the voters wants by the labour,democratic party etc.

  5. “a serious geopolitical rival”: look, Russia could only be such if some chump egged it into allying itself with China. Oh.

    I was about to remind everyone of the “Upper Volta with rockets” crack. Then I realised that it won’t be long before someone refers to the US as “El Salvador with rockets”. Or however you say that in Mandarin.

  6. Contra the article, the Russians actually were not indicted for “election meddling”. They were indicted for various garden variety wire fraud and identity theft crimes that they allegedly committed in the course of their feeble attempt to influence the election.

    It seems that Mr. Mueller shied away from charging these Russians under the election meddling statute out of fear that doing so would invite prosecution of Christopher Steele under those same laws.

  7. ook, Russia could only be such if some chump egged it into allying itself with China.

    It’s a geopolitical rival in the sense it can stir up trouble, arm America’s enemies, and vote against it in the security council. There’s a reason why Russia’s name comes up in talks about North Korea, and it’s not just because they share a very short stretch of border.

  8. No, everything’s fine. If Vlad gets too upset, he can just press the reset button that Hils gave to the Russian government and all will be well again…

    (For a former diplomat’s eye view of how well that went, try this.)

  9. My sense of the Russian middle class is they are happy to tolerate Putin because he is proud to be Russian, you only need to see how pervasive the St George’s ribbon is to get a sense of Putin’s popular support.

    Does Putin abuse it, for sure, but I would take a politician that is proud to be British over Emily ‘ghastly commoner hanging out a St George’s cross’ Thornberry any day of the week.

    For all Boris’ manifest failings he does at least manage to project pride in Britain rather than the abject shame

  10. “Hillary is a demi-goddess figure to the left”

    One requiring the sacrifice of lesser beings and the occasional ambassador?

  11. >Hillary is a demi-goddess figure to the left. They’ll never give up.

    They’ll drop her like a stone the moment someone like her but without the baggage comes along.

  12. Scene: a hollowed out volcano.

    I recently binge watched the entire James Bond movie series with a 27 year old friend. There was much pausing while I had to Google things to convince him that yes, that’s a real jet pack/microplane/minisub, not a prop, and here’s the rough equivalent of that ransom demand in 2017 dollars.

  13. (For a former diplomat’s eye view of how well that went, try this.)

    Oh yes. The Obama/Clinton dream team couldn’t even get the word translated properly before embossing it on the button and handing it over.

  14. Putin was never popular in the west once he said something bad about gays (or rather, the gay lifestyle) so this is just a way to beat both him and Trump with the same stick.

    In other words, evil man helps evil man to gain incredible power. Boo!

    But to answer the question, no, there is no limit to the damage the Clintons will do in their quest for power.

  15. Didn’t the Guardian have a well thought-out plan to defeat Bush in the second election? I don’t remember enough to google it, but it bordered on voter-fraud.

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