A brave WPC and two unknown colleagues

I’ve found that whenever you criticise the British police on Twitter, people – mostly serving or ex-policemen – leap to their defence. I think that’s what this chap is trying to do in this tweet:

Obviously he’s implying that the story on the right renders my skepticism (on the left) unwarranted. But something smells funny:

PC Laura Curnow was with two colleagues when they managed to disarm a highly volatile armed man…

So who were her two colleagues? If the intention of posting this story is to demonstrate that all-female police patrols can handle dangerous thugs, this detail is important, no?

Laura’s two colleagues received their award for the same incident last year.

A search on the Devon and Cornwall police website doesn’t mention anyone else receiving an award in relation to the incident. A cynic would say that PC Curnow’s two colleagues were male, and her award only reported because she is female. An even bigger cynic might say the decision to award Curnow came late, a political decision to puff-up the role of female PCs, while her male colleagues got the initial recommendation because they were the ones who actually did the heavy-lifting.

But I’ll not be cynical in this instance. For all I know PC Curnow kicked the shit out this chap while her colleagues stood idly by, and I’ll assume she is fully deserving of her award. What I will say, however, is that the story as presented doesn’t do the job this Twitterer thinks it does.


5 thoughts on “A brave WPC and two unknown colleagues

  1. Yes, the ‘they managed’ is usefully indeterminate here. My guess is that she was present, but probably wasn’t the primary actor in disarming the man. I guess she ran some risk in being there, but whether it was enough to deserve the award who knows?

  2. Because 90% of what we are fed is mendacious propaganda, we tend to assume that 100% is. (Statistics invented, as is the norm nowadays.)

  3. Am I the only one who noticed the perp had already disabled himself by “smashing his head on hard objects”? No doubt he was still capable of violence but this whole thing sounds trumped up from “mildly dangerous incident that warrants mention at the dinner table” to “the MOST dangerous perp ever who got rocked by a incredibly brave Grrrl”.

  4. Am I the only one who noticed the perp had already disabled himself by “smashing his head on hard objects”?

    No, I noticed that too. If there were three people lying dead from crossbow wounds I’d have been more convinced he was dangerous.

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