Window on a Burning Man – Part 1 of 7

The serial of Window on a Burning Man has begun! You can read Part 1 for free over here. Topics covered in this part include:

1. Paris Gare du Nord

2. Online dating: making initial contact, the first date, and how to behave if your date doesn’t recognise you.

3. Facial piercings

4. Modern Art

5. Burning Man

6. A single mother-to-be begging for help on the internet

7. More on online dating, a second date, and messy divorces.

8. Taxidermy, drinking, and smooching in a bar.



1 thought on “Window on a Burning Man – Part 1 of 7

  1. They let you in the eurostar lounge, heh! Last time I tried that, my first class ticket apparently wasn’t first class enough! The lounge was completely empty, and the concourse full of other passengers who had just learned they have a “second first” class ticket.

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