Dancer Sought

Hunt on for dancer.

[Kuwaiti] police have intensified their efforts to arrest the minor girl whose picture has been circulated among cell phone users with the Bluetooth technology, reports Al-Anba daily. The girl who speaks with an Iraqi accent is seen wearing a military uniform and dancing in front of three men and consuming alcohol with them. The clip first surfaced three weeks ago, says the daily. Sources say this is the third incident of its kind. An unidentified person called Al-Anba daily to say the clip was filmed in an apartment in Dubai, another said it was filmed in Salmiya and yet another gave the location as Hawalli. One of the callers also said the girl is Iraqi and was in the country on a visit visa.

Salmiya? Dubai? I swear this is nothing to do with me. I was in Korea. I have icicles to prove it.

(via Tim Blair)