But he doesn’t look the type!

After reading my post about Lindsay Shepherd, my research assistant (the small one) said something to the effect of:

“Those guys look like complete weirdos! The one on the left looks like the sort of person who appears in your posts on polyamory!”

She is referring to Nathan Rambukkana, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University:

Let’s take a look at his biography:

My book, Fraught Intimacies: Non/Monogamy in the Public Sphere (UBC Press, 2015) explores the increased mediation of non-monogamies since the early nineties—in every medium from television, to film, to self-help books, to the Internet—and how such convergent mediation opens these discourses up to societal scrutiny, as well as transformation. By exploring the privileged logics that frame our conceptions of intimacy, I explore the political and cultural implications of how we frame non-monogamy broadly in sexual discourse, as well as how the public sphere presences of three major forms of non-monogamy (adultery, polygamy and polyamory) display a complex relationship with “intimate privilege,” an emergent state in which one’s intimacies are read as viable, ethical or even real.

Now there’s a surprise, eh? If the media wants us to buy the line that polyamory is now mainstream, we’re going to have to overlook the fact that most people involved with it are complete weirdos and many of them have serious issues which urgently need addressing.


17 thoughts on “But he doesn’t look the type!

  1. It’s always the ones talking about sex who are the least likely to engage in it. I bet this chump is knocked back by his own hand more often than not.

  2. Oh, there’s a pretty huge kink/BDSM/poly/weirdo sex fetish community in Waterloo (it’s the two universities and the college that does it). I have no doubt he’s involved, being a prof means higher status in that community.

    But he’s still a pretentious wanker. I could sum up that whole paragraph of academian bafflegab as “I write about how people in non-monogamous relationships are portrayed in media affects how those lifestyles are seen and judged by society”.

  3. These weirdos all write and talk the same way. In what sense is he abusing the word ‘mediation’ here? It makes no sense. What the fuck are “privileged logics”?

  4. Agreed with Rob. Through all this SJW stuff, I’ve read writings of these academics and journalists. They have completely torn apart the English language, saying complete garbage and nothing at all at the same time.

  5. The biography of this fat creepy parasite is sub-literate Marxian rhetoric – aka nonsense. He’s spreading the lie that objective truth is a bourgeois fiction, and that Marxian ideology is the only way to ‘interpret’ the world.

    “Privileged logics”? There’s only one logic, it’s part of the fabric of the universe, and it was ‘discovered’ by Aristotle and refined by many others, notably Russell and Whitehead.

  6. That excerpt reads like it was produced by a random mission statement generator (RMSG) except it is a bit longer than the normally one sentence that a RMSG produces. All the usual and familiar left wing, right on, politically correct buzzwords are in there – “Privileged”, “discourses”, “transformation”, “ethical” etc.

    Perhaps to keep our attention, you should introduce a SJW bingo type game where we tick off these types of words and first to get them all gets a prize or something?

  7. Perhaps it’s because of the recent news but he looks like a chubbier version of Charles Manson. Then again, it could be my privileged pictorial paradigm.

  8. This type of academic brings out the closet Maoist in me. I would support a cultural revolution that sent him to work in the fields for a long time.

  9. The demoralising reality that is now upon us is exactly what KGB defectors Anatoliy Golitsyn and Yuri Bezmenov predicted would happen and warned us against. The Soviet liberalisation strategy has succeeded and remarkably so. The USSR falling, the end of the Cold War was always part of this strategy in getting the West to drop their guard and allow the final stages of their long-term efforts for massive infiltration into most pillars of our society to be completed. The old communist bloc of Russia and China (currently making huge progress in their cultural values) are winning hands down, China’s stance of saying to the US that you fight your wars your way and we will fight our way, may be scoffed at in the West but their three-war policy is winning hands down. Russia and China are doing fine and they have their commie North Korean madman to do their fire and fury goading and have both said that they would consider a US first strike as an act of aggression.

    That Trump was somehow put in by the Russians, that the commander in chief of the US colluded with the enemy, that he is therefore a traitor, that this allegation has still has not been squashed only supports the view that the demoralisation of the West is near complete and how effective the Russian strategy has been.

    I see the NYT has an article out now about “ Pro Football Hall of Fame: Randy Moss and Ray Lewis Lead the Field”. So, at last something non-LGBT, non-pronoun infraction related, something for our young folk to look up to, great people of our time being honoured and their busts cast, something that they can aspire to. Sadly, it’s not, unless fathering many children out of wedlock, drug use, bashing women and pleading guilty to obstructing justice in a murder case is somehow an admirable trait these days.

  10. Jacques Derrida has a lot to answer for, given the completely opaque rubbish that so many of these people spout. As I said on another forum many years ago, I hope Derrida is in his own hell, where every day he has to attempt to explain his philosophy to engineers. Pity the engineers though, they must have been exceptionally bad to deserve that.

  11. If the media wants us to buy the line that polyamory is now mainstream, we’re going to have to overlook the fact that most people involved with it are complete weirdos and many of them have serious issues which urgently need addressing.

    Laurie Penny, looking at you…

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