Trump is a Puppet of [Insert Country]!

From the Washington Post:

Erdogan’s government began cultivating Donald Trump’s team before the election. Michael Flynn, then a campaign aide, was hired as a pro-Turkey lobbyist, and his firm continued to receive Turkish money during the transition. After Flynn resigned as national security adviser in February, the Turks began working with Rudy Giuliani, a close Trump adviser.

So, having utterly failed to turn up a shred of evidence of collusion with Russia, those who don’t like Trump move the narrative effortlessly onto collusion with Turkey.

Is anyone sane still listening to this crap?


12 thoughts on “Trump is a Puppet of [Insert Country]!

  1. “Is anyone sane still listening to this crap?”

    No, but there is a vast market which desperately wants to believe it.

  2. Since that article is behind a paywall all we got is the single paragraph to make it work. US troops are allowed to build up near the Syrian border in a friendly war game and also to protect the nukes at Incrik. Erdogan betrays Putin with Turkish/US/NATO forces invading and taking over Syria, the Russian supply lines through the straits are blocked, and Damascus returns to the Caliphate. This might be it.

  3. The one thing you soon learn about journalists when you have to deal with them, or hacks as they prefer to be known, is that they recycle anything they can. Even unlikely stories are given a ‘fresh spin’ and squeezed again and again for the merest drop of interest, however irrelevant.

    But a hack’s greatest interest is not what is true, but that other hacks are saying. It is a closed world and much mutual masturbation takes place. “You reprint my story and I’ll reprint yours.” The Trump one is a godsend because no evidence allows endless idle speculation. They don’t even have to resort to the usual hack approach of ‘A taxi-driver told me on the way from the airport…’

  4. Apparently we’re supposed to believe that Obama, Hillary and their assorted minions never deigned to speak to dirty furriners, and only associated with other red-blooded ‘Muricans. As Dr. Evil said, “Riiiiiiiiight”.

  5. I read someone saying today that Trump force fed Guantanamo detainees for eight years and is now starving them.

    There’s no way to engage people like that. These are the people churning out this bollocks 24×7 whilst whining about “fake news”.

  6. And how much money was poured into the Clinton Foundation as donations from different governments? Oddly enough, here in Australia we suddenly stopped making donations once Hillary lost the election, yet there are no conclusions that could possibly be drawn from that.

  7. Oddly enough, here in Australia we suddenly stopped making donations once Hillary lost the election, yet there are no conclusions that could possibly be drawn from that.

    It was an utter disgrace that Australia should be using taxpayer money to fund the Clintons’ campaigns and lifestyle. But nothing surprises me about Australian politics any more: half the population would have been happy about it.

  8. The Swiss government gave one of the clinton slush funds an inexplicable half million USD IIRC during the aftermath of the UBS scandal when Clinton was Sec of State.

    They were called out on it in the press and couldn’t really explain themselves…

    Funny how that works.

  9. Lets not get into the Billions that the Clinton Foundation stole during the Haiti earthquake relief. Billions were donated to the effort, and State Department (with plenty of Clinton remnants designated the Clinton Foundation as the primary organization. Billions that never made it to the island. Some of which went towards Chelsea Clinton’s lavish wedding. And I awake every morning thanking to God that Donald J. Trump is my president.

  10. Big Fire,

    There’s a good discussion of the Clinton Foundation going on at ZMan’s, particularly this comment:

    Well, can personally vouch for the description of the Clinton Foundation/CGI. Did a lot of “cleaner” work in my old firm…one assignment was vetting CGI when two large trading partners put the arm on us to join. Had to attend two meetings (including the one where Chelsea introduced Braverman), plus a pitch session over at the 6th ave. offices. This was simply a bundle and skim operation–the sales pitch was all about “access to decision makers”. Cash flowed in, favors flowed out, and the entire Clinton lifestyle was “Foundation business”. The trick was gracefully declining, nothing in their finances met any of the firm’s requirements. Entry price was $350k + getting solicited to “sponsor” projects and events. Everybody floating around the meetings was either on the make or the take. The most curious thing to watch at the second general meeting was watching Bill and Hill in the same room. Bill has magnetism and fills the room…problem is when both are on the same stage it simply highlights her grating, wet dishrag personality.

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