It’s no wonder the Blairites love Macron:

President Emmanuel Macron’s government wants to end a 14-month ‘state of emergency’ in France, but at the same time integrate several of its exceptional anti-terrorism powers into common law, alarming judges and civil liberty groups.

Warrant-less property searches and house arrests, two controversial measures currently used by French security officials under special state of emergency powers, could become ordinary policing practices under a new bill being sponsored by the country’s new government.

This is right out of Blair’s authoritarian, snooping, meddling handbook. If he starts going on about military action in Syria, look out.


4 thoughts on “Blaircron

  1. from previous TN post:
    One minute we’re told his government is radical, the next that it’s technocratic. Do the French know what his policies are? No.
    Half of them are going to furious when they find out.

    Yup. And I bet we’ll not hear a peep from the metropolitan Blairites in the UK who are currently singing his praises.

    I apologise for being a bit conservative in my estimate. Not technocratic or radical, just plain vanilla fascist.

  2. So he “ends” the state of emergency by making its provisions permanent. Funny definition od “ends”.

  3. “into common law”: in France? I don’t believe the translator knows what the words mean.

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