Toys Thrown from Goldman Sachs Pram

This Tweet by the CEO of Goldman Sachs amused me for two reasons:

The first is all the lefties getting their knickers wet over a Tweet – his first – by the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Since when have the left been supporters of colossal, too-big-to-fail American investment banks with suspiciously Jewish-sounding names? I remember the days when governments were in hoc to the big, evil banking corporations which single-handedly brought about the global financial crisis. But when, in a naked display of financial self-interest, Goldman Sachs and others came out in opposition to Brexit the left told us we should all heed their warnings. And now they’re at it again.

The second reason this amuses me is because it’s obvious Goldman Sachs is about to lose a shit-tonne of money over the US pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. I bet they had all sorts of “green” investment funds and other rent-seeking and subsidy-harvesting vehicles ready to go, which would represent a transfer of wealth from ordinary citizens to the executives at Goldman Sachs. And now Trump’s come and spoiled the party for them.



8 thoughts on “Toys Thrown from Goldman Sachs Pram

  1. I’m finding this companies taking political positions business very tiresome. This would never be tolerated if they took positions against abortion or gay marriage, quite why it works the other way around is telling.

  2. Oh this is so good, his repudiation means that global warming has been cancelled.

    Maybe Trump does love American workers after all.

  3. rent-seeking and subsidy-harvesting

    What GS is all about. And legging over their clients of course.

    On Brexit, I have noticed that lefty Remoaners soon started blaming it on the machinations of evil billionaires, even though the billionaire vote was pretty much 100% Remain.

  4. Come on, chaps. GS is doing God’s work. if you don’t believe me, just ask that rather creepy-looking CEO.

  5. +1

    For once, exactly the same thoughts ran through my mind.

    It is hilarious.

    Meanwhile on the other channel, we have Arnie Terminator claiming the Paris Accord was all about pollution, dirty rivers, and dirty air…

    You can’t argue with someone like that, they are just so out of it……

  6. I’m finding this companies taking political positions business very tiresome.

    So do I. Uber’s CEO is on Twitter saying he’s quit some Trump administration group over climate change. Why the fuck do I care what my taxi company thinks about climate change? I want to get from A to B quickly, cheaply, and safely. None of these modern-day managers are capable of keeping their eye on the ball for more than three minutes, they’re more interested in grandstanding than making money for their shareholders. I see even ExxonMobil has finally caved in to the climate change fearmongering. Tillerson is being missed, it seems.

  7. People who deal with G-S have a saying: G-S doesn’t have clients, it only has counterparties.

  8. “Companies taking political positions” (rather than just exhibiting good business sense) would mean companies taking positions that conflict with their bottom line. Accompanied by cratering valuations and shareholder revolts.
    Hardly a “lefty” insight.

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