Are the German Greens suffering the same fate as UKIP?

Staying on the subject of lunatic Greens, they are facing electoral gloom in Germany:

Germany’s once high-flying Green Party is foundering in many states. After a disastrous election result in North Rhine-Westphalia, the party is promising change, but it may come too late for September’s national poll.

The whole article is worth reading and gives some idea as to why the Greens, who were once a powerful political force in Germany’s coalition governments, are now in trouble:

Following the widely publicized incidents on New Year’s Eve 2015 in Cologne, which saw widespread sexual assaults committed largely by asylum seekers, the party struggled to come up with a clear position on its refugee and security policies (they still aren’t even clear today).

It seems the Germans haven’t quite rejected populism, either.

The party successfully helped block deportations of Afghan nationals whose asylum applications had been rejected, but it did little to communicate what the rest of its asylum policies might look like.

Quite how deluded one would need to be to do something like this and expect electoral success, even in Germany, is difficult to imagine.

Furthermore, in a state that has undergone deep structural changes, with the end of coal mining and much heavy industry, the party could have benefited by positioning itself more strongly as an environmentalist party. Instead, the party placed its focus almost entirely on education — despite the fact that only 4 percent of voters in the state consider the Greens to be truly competent in this policy area.

I think that paragraph offers the best explanation, although the author doesn’t quite say it. The fact is, all mainstream political parties adopted the Greens’ more sensible environmental policies years ago, as well as too many of their idiotic ones. Germany has already agreed to close its nuclear power plants and impose the strictest environmental legislation in Europe on its industries and households. The same pattern is repeated across most of the developed world now: every major political party has signed up to the hysteria on climate change (even Trump has yet to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, as he promised he would), air pollution is a permanent hot-topic particularly now the results of pushing everyone to switch to diesel engines is becoming clear, recycling has been firmly adopted as the new religion in the west, and useless windmills are being built at an ever-increasing pace to meet ludicrous renewable energy targets.

This has left the Greens outflanked on most environmental subjects. In order to differentiate themselves they’ve been forced to propose utterly insane policies (ban motor cars, stop eating meat, etc.) and to venture into other areas (e.g. education) where they are useless or social matters (e.g. immigration) where they are out of whack with the majority of the population. The mainstream parties have stolen their popular policies leaving them looking like a bunch of nutjobs on the fringe. Which they are, of course.

A reasonable similarity may be drawn between the fate of the Greens in Germany and that of UKIP in Britain. UKIP have found their defining policy – Britain leaving the EU – adopted by the Conservatives, leaving little reason for voters to stick with them. Whenever UKIP have tried to branch out from their main policy into other areas they’ve proved themselves to be an incoherent, squabbling mess which no sensible voter would go anywhere near. With Brexit underway, their raison d’être has vanished and they lack the competence to transform themselves into a serious party. Perhaps the Greens in Germany and elsewhere are treading the same path. I certainly hope so.


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  1. It will be nice to see them go down a treat but not by supporting Merkel.

  2. The Electoral kicking that both Schulz and The Greens got in NRW is made more poignant still when one realises that ‘Landestag’ (State Parliament) elections aren’t the Bundestag Elections and that Germans often, as the French with their two-rounds of Presidential Elections, tend to ‘Vote with their hearts’ in State Elections and ‘vote with their head’ in Bundestag ones.
    Comic relief parties such as the Pirates, AfD etc tend to do well in State Elections but few ever get much beyond that.

  3. I think it goes further with the greens. They carefully maintain their reputation as the party of bans and instructions (Verbots- und Gebotspartei, in German), and people (yes, even Germans) are getting fed up of being told to have vegan days and that their taxes will double.

    That a lot of Green policy is already adopted isn’t the main explanation. After all, we’ve long since taken all the useful bits (and lots of useless bits) from socialism and implemented them – but the socialists are still hanging around.

    Incidentally, I’m now going to claim credit for saying Schulz would be a failure even as his polls were rocketing towards 45% (not sure if it was here I said that).

  4. The German electorate will soon have a choice between Mrs Merkel – whose folly may prove to have destroyed their country – and Mr Schulz, a man who is stupid, ignorant, and nasty.

    Compare with the choice in the US presidential election, between the louse and the flea. Or in France between Mrs Le Pen and Mrs Merkel.

    Maybe we should be grateful that Mrs May is available – she may be dismal but she may prove less bad than any of those. Small mercies, eh?

    P.S. If the flea eventually proves to be a fox, that would be different. But I doubt that he’s got the necessary attention span or the necessary steel. We shall see.

  5. Dearieme

    You forgot ‘vain’ and ‘arrogant’ for the slenderly-challenged German socialist.

  6. ” Mrs Merkel – whose folly may prove to have destroyed their country”-dearieme

    Oh that such ‘folly’ (whatever you meant by that) should be seen here. And I am so not a fan of ‘Ferkel’, really I’m not, but she and her iron clad minister for finance have built a country whose government doesn’t know what to do with all the money it has coming in, who have forgotten what the term ‘national debt’ even means, whose trade figures are the envy of the entire Western world and whose Unemployed figures, especially Yuff Unemployment, southern EU countries can only dream of. The German Health system has more surplus cash than is good for it.
    Schulz isn’t even really trying to attack her on the economy, infact his message seems to be more ‘life is sooo good we should maybe perhaps possibly consider taking back ‘austerity’ (Harz4) a couple of notches, for the sake of the poor’ (an ‘austerity’ package it should be noted German Labour introduced). No I don’t like Schulz either and I have said before if he gets into power or even just makes the Nr2 of a ‘Groko’ (“Grand Coalition”, which seems a likely outcome to my mind atm) he is going to make Brexit that much more tricky (unless May goes Juncker’s apparently preferred option of simply cutting the Gordon’s knot and sucking up the 4% tariff instead of unravelling all those legal thingys).
    Me, I’d take Merkel over PMTM anyday. At least she has a proven track. Who cares if Merkel wants to go all Mother Teresa now and again. German government spokespeople now even manage to look faintly embarrassed when they announce how many billions they have in the kitty. And it was only a few weeks ago that some junior government minister reminded Trump not to bring a knife to a gunfight.

  7. It’s widespread opinion here that Merkel is the best leader Germany has ever had (to be fair, some of the competition is, obviously, pretty awful). She made one major mistake, allowing space for a party to the right of the Union to go mainstream. A big mistake, but still, only the one, and already forgotten as it did not turn into the predicted widespread disaster. Schulz the distant unheard-of Eurocrat was inexplicably fanfared as the great “man of the people”. It hasn’t worked.

    Just for fun, my money is on a Union+FDP minority government (the SPD will be threatened with a snap-election wipeout a la Corbyn Labour if they disrupt it), and tax cuts next year. If we have another grand coalition they should just get on and merge into the CSDU.

  8. “Union+FDP minority government” Typ in der BRD

    Possibly but the Bratreislieferant & Guildo ‘Hat Euch Lieb’ Westenwellies did the FDP a power of bad and Lindnerstrasse is almost as slimey as that bloke what runs my beloved Hessia, Buffon? Buffey the Damphire?

    The FDP needs another Norm The Flower or Count Von Lambsdorf Un-Vun-Un-Twohahahah

  9. Of course Lindner is slimy, he’s a politician!

    No question the “late-Roman decadence” comment is what destroyed the FDP last time around. It’s at least partly true, but you can’t say things like that if you want to get elected.

  10. Watching Lindner trying to do the blushing bride thing and pretend she wasn’t hot for Laschet’s sexual advances last night on the news was a blast.

  11. I suspect a broadly similar thing applies to the Labour party. While rumours of their demise are greatly exaggerated, it must be a concern for moderate Labourites that old-fashioned 1970’s style socialism is so much more seductive to their new supporter base than a more reasonable democratic socialism. Meanwhile the Tories seem to be flexible enough (to the satisfaction of the electorate at least) to snap up all sorts of unconsidered political trifles.

    Granted people were reading the last rites over the Tories nearly twenty years ago, but if they have a talent it’s for standing athwart history yelling “this is what we intended all along”. Labour can’t do the same trick, in the long term – as Wislon noted, the party is a moral crusade or it is nothing. The elements of its crusade have either been picked up by other parties or have failed completely. So Labour is nothing.

  12. It can be argued that the EU is a stealth German takeover of Europe at least in part. How much of the wealth the Fat Cow sits upon has come from the south of Europe.

    And don’t underestimate our Dear Imported friends. Give them enough imports, enough time, enough subsidised breeding –including 4 legal wives to the German’s 1–and they will end German prosperity and Germany itself in all but name.

  13. How much of the wealth the Fat Cow sits upon has come from the south of Europe.

    Exactly. And welcome, Mr Ecks!

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