Mind Boggled

Commenter Simon Jester provides possibly the most ludicrous example of government stupidity that I have seen in a long while, and the bar is set high:

I once worked (in West London) in an office where there was an underground car park, in which half the spaces were cordoned off to prevent people parking in them – the local council insisted that only half could be used, as part of their efforts to combat Climate Change.

You can bet that the people at the council who approved this ensured their own personal car parking spaces remained close to the entrance of their nicely air conditioned offices.


1 thought on “Mind Boggled

  1. Try ski resort parking, Tim.
    In France, employees get all the best spaces. The people actually paying to ski have to schlep for miles.
    Compare with Utah & Colorado. The employees have to schlep, the paying customers have easy access and sometimes even a busboy. Those yanks know who pays them,

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