Erdoğan Tackles the Major Issues

Fresh off the back of his referendum victory and becoming the next Ottoman Sultan, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gets to work:

The Turkish government has sacked almost 4,000 more public officials in what appears to be the latest purge related to a failed coup last July.

They include more than 1,000 justice ministry workers, a similar number of army staff and more than 100 air force pilots, officials said.

Which comes as no surprise. This does, though:

In a separate decree, Turkey banned TV dating shows – a move previously mooted by the government.

I have it on good authority that nobody who has ever watched a Turkish TV dating show could possibly object to this on any grounds whatsoever. But what is ironic is that the bulk of the audience for these sort of shows would have most likely voted Yes in the recent referendum. The UK equivalent would be chavs voting Labour thus handing them victory, and then finding the incoming government wants to ban Jeremy Kyle.

I wonder how long before online dating sites are banned, too?


3 thoughts on “Erdoğan Tackles the Major Issues

  1. So the same split as votes as Brexit, makes it like Theresa May banning the serving of beer in pints in favour of serving in steins.

  2. The only question of interest left is whether he will cripple Turkey’s economy faster than Chavez crippled Venezuela’s.

  3. I think other larger political and security events will take place far quicker than any potential economic contraction would, next one up will be the visa waiver showdown this month and that’s assuming Le Pen doesn’t get in tomorrow.

    But one thing is for sure not only will the revolution not be televised you won’t be reading about it on Wikipedia either.

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