Trump’s Cuts: More Please, and Faster

President Trump’s budget proposal would have a disproportionate impact on organizations in rural and underserved communities.

says The Atlantic under the headline The Real Cost of Abolishing the National Endowment for the Arts.

Back in June I wrote an article on an outfit calling themselves The Figment Project which appeared to be a gaggle of middle-class New Yorkers passing themselves off as artists while helping themselves to taxpayers’ money which they spend, at least in part, on jollies for themselves.

I note from their annual report that The Figment Project draws funds from the National Endowment for the Arts. Perhaps if these funds were allocated properly, i.e. towards genuinely deprived communities instead of middle-aged Burning Man enthusiasts living in Brooklyn, then they would not now be facing the axe under Trump’s new budget. As I said in an earlier post on people passing themselves off as artists:

[T]here is a section of society out there which is not completely stupid (but not particularly bright either) who lack the talent, work ethic, and self-discipline to enter into professional or corporate environments and so attach themselves like parasites to the genuine arts world in order to give themselves some sort of identity.  The problem with the arts world – as opposed to say, law, engineering or music – is there is no quality control: anyone can tag along, dress up in costumes, get drunk, take some photographs, and claim they’re an “artist”.

What worries me is the degree of control and influence these people have over the overall arts world (including taxpayer dollars), and how they distort the image the public have of genuine, talented artists.

It seems finally somebody is doing something about it. Good.


3 thoughts on “Trump’s Cuts: More Please, and Faster

  1. His economic polices seemed to me the weakest part of his platform – no worse than La Clinton, of course, but riddled with error.

    For instance, if his increased “defense” spending is to be on essentially repair and maintenance of his nukes, that may be wise. But to leave the present Pentagon in charge of commissioning new weapons is mad – their record is so bad that it makes the MoD look like only a minor bungler. And the DoD matters far, far more in the world. Before he goes any further he should drain the swamp at the Pentagon which is clearly corrupt and incompetent to a degree only too usual in the federal government, but much more dangerous.

    Otherwise, denying various freeloaders access to the public tit is good. No doubt he’ll have trouble getting that through Congress though.

  2. The problem for all politicians is the word “cuts.”

    As the public teat has grown larger by the day and the feckless grown very well fed on it, even the slightest hint of a return to a normal state of affairs is regarded as the worst thing evah and must be vigorously opposed. if necessary, opposed by not working and marching in large groups — and always good for better media coverage — smashing few shop windows along the way. Remember, this media coverage is for the benefit of those still obliged to work but who can catch up watching the state propaganda corporation.

    One thing Trump’s actions so far have done is to expose the whole deep state malarkey, where many millions of dollars line the pockets of thousands of people who loved Obumble because they didn’t have to do anything but strokes fragile ego.

    One wonder show far Britain’s’ deep state runs.

  3. I dare Trump to explore the concept of ‘retroactive veto’. You can do a lot of good by just removing laws.

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