On Thursday 12th June I will be going back to the UK for a 10-day visit, for the first time since June 2006. The last time I saw any of my family was at my wedding in September 2006, and I haven’t been to the UK since I’ve been living in Sakhalin. In those 2 years, I have been to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Spain, Vietnam, and Cambodia, but kept missing the UK.

June 12th will also be 5 years to the day since I first emigrated, when I went to Oman for 5 weeks’ work and never really came home again. For that decision I have no regrets whatsoever. It’s also 5 years since I paid any income tax.

I’m not sure what to expect when I get to the UK. Chaos, filth, and expense, probably. I’m going to be travelling through Heathrow which I’m not looking forward to. But I am looking forward to meeting up with all those people I haven’t seen in years, and being able to visit shops which actually sell stuff and not finding I have to pay a 3% fee to either draw out cash or use my credit card.

On 24th June I will be flying to St. Petersburg where I will meet up with my wife and, if the weather is good, enjoy drinking cold beers under the skies of the White Nights. Now that is living.


6 thoughts on “Travel

  1. uh-oh. watch out for terrorist plots, typhoons, earthquakes and Irish Beer prohibition Laws: Tim Newman is coming!

  2. The white nights here are simply awesome and do encourage one to have a cold beer outside. I hope it won’t be raining when you come to Spb so that you enjoy the full experience. What a beautiful city!
    Have a safe trip home!

  3. Pray tell, Tim, how it is that you are not liable for any Russian income tax?

    My employer pays it for me. A lot of oil and gas employment contracts are negotiated net of tax.

  4. I see – you missed all the fun; if you’ve been in Piter this past weekend you’d be able to compare English and Russian football fans (in my opinion, equally mad)

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