UEFA Champions League Final

Manchester United 1 – 1 Chelsea (Man Utd win 6-5 on penalties)

Following Zenit St. Petersburg’s win over Rangers last week, today’s result means that everybody in our household is celebrating European cup glory.

Incidentally, the match kicked off at 5:45am Sakhalin time, so I leaped out of bed at 5:00am with the intention of taking a shower before going over to the nearby hotel where they were showing it (refer to this post to understand why I could not watch it at home).  Unsurprisingly, I found our cold water had been turned off (which seems to be a regular thing between about 1:00am and 7:00am), so I had to go without.  Last Saturday was spent without any cold water as well, making showering a similar experience to that which a lobster endures during its last moments in a posh restaurant.

Anyway, shower or no shower, I am delighted with the result.


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  1. Yes, the game was simply great. Both teams played well. The Russians did a great job organizing the game; and the fans seem to had a good time from all what I read. This is one of those few football games that can be called ideal in every way.

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