Atyrau Again

I’m back in Atyrau, my noisy old propellor plane having stayed up in the air just long enough to get us across the Caspian safely.  I’m staying in the same crap hotel which I was in a few days ago, but they’ve given me a slightly better room.  They’ve hoovered the carpet, and the TV now works.  Included in the selection of channels is one showing free-of-charge hardcore German porn 24 hours per day.

Now that’s what I call an improvement in service.


5 thoughts on “Atyrau Again

  1. Tim, your business trips are always unusual and full of adventures. It’s not the classical boring business trip – thanks you for blogging them.
    Safe flight home.

  2. Tim,

    At least you missed the Annual Atyrau Mud Jamboree, during which Atyrau confounds scientists by proving that mud can bubble up through concrete. I worked at Tengiz for two years and flew in/out of Atyrau at the end of every rotation. Back in Almaty, my first stop was the dry cleaner, in a sometimes vain attempt to shear the extraordinary substance off my clothes.


  3. Yeah, I heard the mud is pretty damned awful in Atyrau. Now it appears as though the whole place is attempting to escape to a different location by turning itself into dust and being carried away by the wind. Kazakhstan seems to be cursed with the same 3 seasons as inland Russia is: snow season, mud season, dust season.

  4. Tim, re: 18 March blog on a Russian’s impression of London – FYI in Western society being overweight is not a sign of wealth but in fact generally a marker of poverty.
    (many other comments – but more than enuff said already)

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