Photos from Alsace

I’ve not gone anywhere new for a while and I’ve done enough photography around Paris for the time being, so my camera has been quiet of late.  So instead I’ll post some photos I took when I went to Alsace last May, taking in the towns of Colmar, Eguisheim, and Kaysersberg.




The full collection can be seen here.


3 thoughts on “Photos from Alsace

  1. I have been fortunate to have been there a couple of times, the vineyards being my main reason for going, but it is a beautiful area and very diverse (in a scenic way), the photo of the fountain in Eguisheim in the square reminds me of the now sadly gone restaurant opposite, the Caveau de Eguisheim where I had the best meal of my life, superb.
    Sackerson, the building on the right in the photo you like is the indoor market in Colmar a foodies dream and it is a great area for restaurants of the highest quality.

  2. Yes there is something timeless about the use of stone arches and gable ends, especially when functionally connected with adjusted waterways. Thankfully this type or architecture has survived the ravages of time for us all to continue to enjoy.

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