Hey, there! Anthony boy!

First this from the BBC:

Large banks are getting ready to relocate out of the UK early next year over fears around Brexit, the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) has warned.

Writing in The Observer, its boss Anthony Browne also says smaller banks could move operations overseas by 2017.

“Their hands are quivering over the relocate button,” he wrote. Most banks hadbacked the UK remaining in the EU.

Mr Browne also said the current “public and political debate at the moment is taking us in the wrong direction.”

Hmmm.  The BBC is reporting on an article written in the Observer by one Anthony Browne who is scaremongering over Brexit.

Next, via the comments at Tim Worstall’s, we have this article at the Daily Mail:

Banks and Tory MPs last night dismissed as ‘nonsense’ dire warnings that financiers will move their business abroad due to Brexit.

Anthony Browne, head of the British Bankers’ Association, sparked fury yesterday by saying smaller banks could react to the uncertainty by moving operations overseas within weeks.

And then:

Mr Browne – a former journalist for the BBC…

Ah, now it becomes clear: the pro-Remain BBC is reporting on a pro-Remain article written by a former BBC journalist.  Odd that the BBC didn’t mention the connection, isn’t it?

They really do think we are stupid, don’t they?


9 thoughts on “Hey, there! Anthony boy!

  1. No they don’t. I can imagine the meeting at BBC corporate headquarters when discussing this matter (not that it will; but bear with me). “Anybody understand this objection? No? No me neither. I mean, where else would he have worked but here. Sources for the claim? What do you mean; it’s right here in the Guardian.” I.e. bubble dwellers extraordinaire.

  2. I’m sure UK banks will be queuing up to move to Paris:

    PARIS—A French labour court awarded Jérôme Kerviel, the Société Générale rogue trader convicted in 2010 of bringing the bank to the brink of collapse, a total of €450,000 because he was fired without “real or serious cause”.

    Judges said Mr. Kerviel—who the French bank said made wayward market bets that cost it €4.9 billion in 2008—should receive €300,000 from Société Générale as part of his bonus for 2007 and about €150,000 for unfair dismissal and damages.

  3. Or, you know, just mention that you could cut tax rates to 10%.

    They won’t, of course, but they should and watch the howls of the remainder of the EU as Germany and France run for the exits.

  4. We want the banks to move, so that the cost of the next bailout falls on Germany and France, not us. The govt should instruct RBS to move; the pro-EU SNP could hardly protest, could they?

  5. “They really do think we are stupid, don’t they?”

    Maybe, and maybe not.

    But you would be astonished* at the number of people who still get their “news” from nowhere else, and believe pretty much everything they say.

    So “their” assumption that we are stupid is, statistically, not so far off the mark.

    * or perhaps you wouldn’t…

  6. * or perhaps you wouldn’t…

    Depressingly, no I wouldn’t. I work with plenty of people who think the BBC is a bastion of honesty and impartiality.

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