This amused:

Film director Ken Loach has criticised the current crop of TV period dramas for indulging in “fake nostalgia”.

In response to a question about Downton Abbey in a Radio Times interview, Loach said: “This rosy vision of the past, it’s a choice broadcasters make.

Loach said nostalgic dramas were “the opposite of what a good broadcaster should do, which is stimulate and invigorate”.

Allow me to translate that for you:

How dare those awful oiks watch things they enjoy rather than the artistic masterpieces I am paid handsomely to create with taxpayers’ money!

As an additional point, Downton Abbey must seriously grate with the BBC chiefs.  The BBC was always considered the global leader in “costume dramas” and in theory it is they who ought to have spotted the opportunity for Downton Abbey and reaped the millions its extraordinary success has generated.  But that fell to ITV, their bitter rivals in the ratings wars, who are dependent on getting eyes on the screen rather than simply lifting billions from British owners of television sets on threat of imprisonment.


4 thoughts on “Philistines!

  1. I tweeted this when I saw Ken Loach trending on Twitter:

    “For a brief moment when I saw “Ken Loach” trending, I felt a surge of exhilaration… But sadly it was not what I had hoped ;-)”

    And someone did added a ‘like’… it was Ken Loach, so he has at least some sense of humour 😀

  2. David,

    Ah, I knew I’d read him saying something along those lines recently. I should have guessed it would have been over at your gaff.

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