After Twitter dropped all pretence to impartiality by banning prominent right-wingers while giving free reign to those whose politics they approved of, a new service launched itself called Gab which hopes to be the same thing only with no censorship.

I never joined Twitter mainly because I couldn’t for the life of me see why anyone would want to write something in 140 characters instead of penning War and Peace on a blog, but there you go.  I also signed up only to find “desertsun” was already taken as a username, and so threw my toys out of the pram.

Anyway, I’ve signed up with Gab mainly to get the username I wanted on Twitter.  Maybe Twitter will collapse or disappear up its own arse and Gab will take over, I don’t know.  I won’t be writing anything substantial over there, but I might make comments on other’s posts.  So if anyone is interested, I am here.


4 thoughts on “Gab

  1. Purely out of curiosity, I took the plunge. I actually have one follower now even though I haven’t said anything. He maybe is a lover of silence?
    Anyhows, yet another “social media” site to cutter up my bookmarks.

  2. I think most people on there know each other from Twitter and blogs anyway, so we’re all busy making friends in anticipation of what they might say. Besides, it’s fun to get in on the ground on these things. I remember starting my first blog in 2003 when the medium was in its infancy. I missed out on Twitter by several years, which might be why I never bothered getting a handle on it.

  3. To be honest, like yourself, I was just claiming a stake on the name. I rarely post things on Twitter and mainly use it as a “post alert”. I actually get quite a lot of traffic from it, so while I publicly dismiss it, it does have its uses! I can’t see myself breaking any records on Gab either!

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