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Now I’ll deal with the American situation.

Trump’s remarks that emerged over the weekend have done major damage to his hopes of becoming the next President of the USA.  I listened to them and they struck me as pretty awful for two reasons, and I’m no shrinking violet.

Firstly, this cannot be dismissed as banter between mates because Trump and Billy Bush were not having the discussion in this context.  They were not made during a backyard barbecue or a camping trip, or in a locker room, but rather in the course of Bush going about his day-job.  It therefore came across more as bragging to a semi-fan who he didn’t know particularly well than robust conversation between mates, and in that context it doesn’t sound good at all.  It’s the difference between me telling my close friend at his house what I got up to that night in Prague and boasting of it to the new guy in the office.  One is fine, the other is not.

But what makes it worse is they were discussing a girl they were about to meet in her professional capacity.  I find it extremely distasteful that somebody should talk about a woman in such a manner seconds before going to meet her in that context (as opposed to going up to somebody in a bar, etc.)  I have been in professional situations where a very attractive woman has presented herself, and of course the guys in the room take note.  But they do so in a downplayed context such as “Oh, she’s nice!” and make a knowing smile, which reveals what we’re all thinking.  It might even go so far as a remark like “I wouldn’t mind taking her out” but would never drop to the level of “I’d like to grab her by the pussy” or use similar language.  That’s just classless, and a president needs to be classy.  Trump came across as boorish and lacking class, and I think this will do him more damage than the actual substance of what he was saying.

But for all the outrage from the establishment media, Democrats, and wet Republicans they have spectacularly missed the point.  Millions of ordinary people are absolutely fed up with the establishment, media, and wet Republicans and so have turned to Trump out of desperation rather than any hope that he will run the country competently.  As I have said before, Trump is a mere symptom of the appalling state of US politics whereby Hillary, the media, and the rest of the establishment are the leading cause.  Trump is popular precisely because he pisses all over that which the establishment hold dear, and all the outrage about is latest remarks is merely going to confirm that, in the eyes of many, he is the right man for the job – that job being to piss off the establishment to maximum effect.  The very fact that a media corporation chose to sit on the tapes for 11 years before releasing them weeks before the vote only reinforces the perfectly valid view that the media giants are all in the tank for Hillary and seek to influence the election in her favour.  Do they really think that making Trump look like an oaf is worth confirming millions of people’s worst fears about the rotten state of the US media-political relationship?  Even if Trump doesn’t win and disappears from the public eye after November (some chance), the damage done to the media will be permanent.  It is incredibly short-sighted.

Then you have dickheads like Robert de Niro popping up with a rant about how he wants to punch Trump in the face.  Well, have a guess what?  Trump supporters really don’t care what multi-millionaire celebrities think, they have known for years that your lot vote in a block for the Democrats regardless of policies.  Trump’s popularity is a backlash against this very sort of pointless posturing which does nothing other than to show that the darlings of the establishment are so far removed from ordinary people they might as well live on another planet.  And the same goes for the wet Republicans who are standing up to denounce Trump: they were rejected for being wet Republicans and they confirm this beyond all possible doubt by showing the same self-serving spineless behaviour that propelled Trump to the nomination in the first place.  When will these idiots learn?

The media is no better.  They denounce Trump as being a dickhead, yet prefer to devote pages of newsprint to the feelings of a former Miss Universe-turned-getaway driver rather than ask Obama, Hillary, and Trump what the hell they are doing/intend to do about the absolute, mind-boggling clusterfuck that is going on in Syria.  Apparently “speaking truth to power” involves brushing Hillary’s emails under the carpet, leaking tapes of Trump’s womanising, and ignoring the massacre in Aleppo that should be at the very top of Obama’s agenda.

Not once have these assholes stop to consider that this behaviour is precisely why they have a clown like Trump running for President.  They haven’t figured out that if the media and the establishment conspire to destroy the reasonable candidates ordinary people might want, that eventually they will start putting up wankers that the media and establishment can’t control and the good of the country be damned.

They genuinely think that if Trump gets defeated everything will go back to the way things were and the wet Republicans will fall over themselves to avoid offending the media while reasonable Republican candidates get savaged and subject to the sort of appalling, personal abuse that was directed at Sarah Palin.  It won’t: the forces that have carried Trump this far won’t go away, and if he is defeated there is every chance he will be replaced by somebody much worse as ordinary people decide that the establishment have been treated far too kindly, even by Trump.  If they weren’t so fucking arrogant, they’d have worked this out three weeks into the nomination process.

Whatever the result of this election, I think the American establishment and their clients are sleepwalking into a disaster that could see some of them hanging from lamposts within a decade or two.  This will not end well.


8 thoughts on “More on Trump

  1. I learnt nothing new from Trump’s remarks: I knew he was a coorse bugger.

    I’d vote for him because his opponent is evil – a liar, a gangster, and a warmonger – and represents a clueless, dangerous establishment to boot.

  2. The relief of the wet republicans from finally being given the excuse they needed to denounce Trump without embarrassment in front of their liberal friends could almost be sensed from across the pond. Transparent.

  3. If this ends with thousands of media figures, politicians, and “public servants” hanging by their intestines from lampposts, it will have ended very well indeed.

    We’re at a point where that’s the best case.

  4. I can see that you are closely following the events in the US election with a genuine and healthy interest and concern and that you truly believe that things out there are now at an all time low. My view is that things have been that way for a very long time.

    As for Trumps video comments on women, lets face it, they are true, the majority of women do fall for guys like him and his stated techniques do work very effectively. He wasn’t lying when he said what he said on a soap opera type bus and so what if he commented on that bimbo just before he met her. I didn’t find what he said eyebrow raising back then and wouldn’t hold it against him today.

  5. “Do they really think that making Trump look like an oaf is worth confirming millions of people’s worst fears about the rotten state of the US media-political relationship?”

    I’ve been lurking on various US-focused internet forums since about 1997, which makes it almost twenty years. In the late 1990s, people who posted about the Clintons deserving pink (prison issue) undies and the MSM being leftwing through and through sounded like boring whiners unloading their loserdom into cyberspace. Losers or not, apparently some of them were right, but it only became obvious to me during this campaign how incredibly corrupt HRC always was and how the US media is capable of lying. They are catching up with Putin’s state media the way they play fast and loose with facts and work up fits of hysteria.

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