USSR in 100 Photos

My wife sent me a link to this webpage, which contains 100 photos from the Soviet Union, many of which speak volumes about the life and times in the USSR.

Funnily enough, in many ways life in the USSR didn’t look much different from life in West Wales in the early 80s.  In fact, I think the Soviet clothes were more fashionable than what my mother used to make me wear.


8 thoughts on “USSR in 100 Photos

  1. Incredible. The potty training and the Madonna-wannabees at the outdoor disco tell me more about the USSR than a thousand words.

  2. Some of the pictures I recognize from the book Day in the Life of USSR. It was shot in the late 80’s and published nearly at the changeover. I remember the book had some of the best photographers of the time, and they had received unprecedented access to both territory and ordinary people.

  3. Varske, people will be smiling and having fun everywhere and any time. You live your life, no matter the exterior circumstances – sun shines in the morning, your kid says his first word, little girls hop in summer-rain puddles. Or you got 2 rations of flour by mistake.

  4. Some of my girlfriends pictures (b. 1980 in Novisibirsk) are in black and white and when I look at them, I often have to remind myself that they newer than the black and white pictures of my mom by about 30 years. The color ones of her parents are a riot semi-70s fashions.

  5. What fantastic photos. The one with the extended family making pelmeni is a classic. I think the footballer is Oleg Blokhin, now coach of the Ukrainskaya sbornaya

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