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Despite my saying in an earlier post that I don’t take photos of people surreptitiously, I have accumulated a neat collection of photos of some of the people I have met over the past ten or twelve years, with one or two pictures of strangers thrown in.  Some of these people I only knew briefly, some of them I’ve known for years, some I am related to, some I love, and some I don’t like very much at all.  I post their pictures not as a commentary on them as people, but because I think they are nice photographs and illustrate well the variety of people I’ve met along the road, such as my friend Kenny below.

The full collection can be viewed here.


5 thoughts on “Photos of People

  1. Really?! Yeah, I met her selling t-shirts in the underpass outside Moscow’s Hotel Rossiya in 2004 (I still have one of the shirts I bought from her). As with a few of these photos, there is an interesting follow-up story to my meeting her but it’s not one I can really put on this blog unfortunately (it’s not x-rated). I spent half the night recently trying to remember her last name, and finally got it at some stupid time in the morning. I saw her again briefly in 2005 when I passed back through Moscow, she’d just got married and last heard from her in 2006 when she’d just had a kid. IIRC, she was a translator between Italian, Russian, and English but had studied metallurgy in a Moscow university and part-owned this t-shirt business.

  2. The background reminds me of an expo that I exhibited at on behalf of my firm at Jumeirah Beach last year, not a big fan of the area but Jumeriah Beach was a nice spot I thought.

  3. Yeah, that photo is from 2006 when I was still living in Dubai. I wasn’t overly impressed either.

  4. Dearieme’s Fifth Law: any photobook with photos of more than (about) 50 white people will have at least one who looks just like some pal of mine.

    With people from the subContinent it seems to need rather more, from China perhaps fewer.

    It may be relevant that my eyesight is not top class.

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