9 thoughts on “Fame At Last

  1. The world is full of Engineers and very few of them impress me. However we can always use more Political Commentary or Satire. Keep it up Tim. I really expect you to have your own TV show someday. When you do, you need to have “Leisure Suit Larry” on as a guest. We’ll do a skit of “If Engineering Consultancies Ran Restaurants”.

  2. Congratulations Tim. I love your blog and I would vote for it and do lots of advertising even if you were to participate in any Blog ranking or something. However, you did not even have to do that; you were simply chosen.
    Congratulations again, it would not have happened to someone better.
    Greetings from Saint Petersburg to you 🙂

  3. Mate,
    Great to see your recognition. IF you able to help an Aussie be suitably prepared for Sakhalin; and then be prepared to take on the barrage of jokes after the so called “Test” series, you’ve done well. Also, the hours of satire commentary that I’ve read have always been very entertaining. Cheers Mate, Mike

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