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  1. Huh. My wife and I ski almost every year in La Clusaz just down the road. Beautiful part of the planet.

  2. You lucky bugger! Positively my favourite place in all of France, haven’t been for yonks but I’ll never forget the hotel L’Abbaye de Talloires – perfection!

  3. @ sconzey,

    Ah yes, I know La Clusaz…I went skiing there last Christmas, but there was almost no snow. And the friends who were staying with me in Annecy took their kids there to try the summer bobsleigh run and ziplines, which are supposed to be good. I’ll probably be skiing there again this winter.

    @ David,

    Luck indeed! I try to go to Annecy about once every 3 months, last time I was there in May I started a hike out of Talloires. You get the sunsets from that side of the lake.

  4. Geekery: what settings/camera did you use to take this shot?
    I used to have a very simple point and shoot thing that had a “sunset” mode, but I’m damned if I can get my vastly more expensive Canon EOS 700D to play.

  5. The best way to see what the camera, lens, and settings are is by going to the photo on Flickr – here – and the information is displayed underneath (click on “Show EXIF” for extended info.).

    I always shoot in full manual mode (after a German asked me in a typically direct manner why I was using a very expensive camera on Auto mode). He had a point, and I learned to use it manually. Also I never use the live view screen, I always use the eyepiece and adjust (usually) the shutter speed to bring the exposure indicator into the central position. Setting a good white balance is also quite important, and I need to give credit to the much-maligned (on here) Angela for pointing out I was doing it wrong: usually the camera’s pre-set options are good enough, and you can adjust them slightly in Photshop later if need be.

  6. Thanks Tim.

    But blimey – that’s a thousand-yard stare you’ve got going on your Flickr profile pic…

  7. Ahahaha! Yeah, that’s the photo from my ID card at work. There’s a good reason for the expression on my face. I’d just arrived in Nigeria, first day in the office. I call up the guy to get my ID badge, and he tells me to come across town to another building. This is Lagos, so it’s an hour in traffic. I get there, go to where I’m told to go, and the bloke at the desk says “Sorry, the office isn’t open now.” I tell him I know, but it’s my first day and I have been told to come here. He says “Nah, some mistake. It’s closed. Come back Thursday.” So I go back to my office, another hour in traffic. I get there, receive a phone call: “Where are you? I’m waiting to issue your badge!” Back I go, another hour in traffic, same place, same bloke: “Oh, so *you’re* Tim Newman!”

    Thirty seconds later he asked me to stand against the wall to have my picture taken. The faces of US Marines going ashore at Iwo Jima probably showed more faith in humanity than mine did at that point. I had another 3 years of this stretching out in front of me…

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