Late Spring Snow

Great.  Just as the weather was starting to warm up (it was 10C yesterday), the very last of the snow disappear from the town, and hopes of summer, barbecues, and beaches to form in everyone’s mind, we wake up to this:

A late blizzard, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 

A few inches have fallen in the night, bourne on a strong northerly wind, and shows no sign of letting up.  So the flip-flops, flowery shorts, and beach towels are shoved once more to the bottom of the wardrobe, and I’m headed for that warm, dark region between the duvet and the mattress.


3 thoughts on “Late Spring Snow

  1. Crickey,
    I might get to see some more snow in a couple of weeks time. Incredible to picture, or think of Snow in May.

    Hope you’re both well,

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