A Reason Why Russians Hate President Bush

Do Russians hate Americans?  It’s a good question, one that I can’t answer, and I expect nor can anyone else.  Verbally, they certainly dislike America and, like the denizens of the Middle East, register their displeasure by grabbing any opportunity to visit, study in, or emigrate to the USA with both hands.  So it’s hard to know.

That said, one thing is for sure: they all hate George Bush.  Why?  Many reasons apparently, but here’s one.  Under Clinton, the dollar was stronger against the rouble than it is now.  Almost nine years after the rouble collapsed in 1998, wiping out savings and businesses overnight, Russians still do not have confidence in their own currency and hence insist their salary is paid in dollar equivalent.

And under Bush, the dollar has fallen against the rouble, hence Russians get paid less than they did before.  Bush is president, so the reasoning goes, and therefore he is solely responsible for the weakening dollar, which is making Russians poorer.  So they hate him.

Is it only Russians who fail to see the irony here?


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  1. Irony? No kidding. There is more, though: in your interview that I just finished reading you mentioned how Russians never blame their leaders for their problems, yet they have no problem blaming others’ leaders for them. But, come to think of it, and being familiar with the ME, that’s not unusual…

  2. Hey – isn’t there thousands of Russian jokes about Americans? The punchline is always – the Americans may be rich, but they are stupid; The Russians may be poor, but are intellectually far superior!

    That about sums up the attitude.

    There was an amusing letter in the economist some years ago about anti-american graffiti – in Brazil which read: “Yanqui go home – and take me with you”!

  3. Of course, there is also the whole Iraq war thing, which most Russians are against and which almost all blame on George W. Bush (probably rightfully so).

    I had noticed a strange fascination among Russians with Condoleeza Rice the last two times I was there. I was asked what I thought of her even more than what I thought of George W.

    I remember most of my Russian friends being completely shocked when Bush won his 2nd term. I had very little doubt that Bush would win, he remained really very popular at that time. But due to the news and talk in Russia, most Russians I spoke with were convinced he would lose in a landslide. I have endlessly tried to explain that Bush is or has been popular in the US for many of the same reasons that Putin is popular in Russia. Both are seen as strong and direct leaders at a time when their peoples are or were worried and anxious.

    As an aside, most Russians hate the comparison of Putin and Bush, but you likely have already noted this.

  4. I am russian and so i can particularly answer this question. As someone said before me russians can be pooor but they are intellectual. Yes when i lived in Ukraine (country near Russia and same language russian) we always made jokes about America and stuff like that. Mostly because american people are excuse me “stupid”. There is even one a show with guy Zadornov who is always making fun jokes, especialy about America. I remember one about a record from Book of Guinness. Amerixan person took dead cricket and spit it on 9 meters. How smart can that be. Or most of you must heard of woman who got millions because she put hercat into the microware and said it didn`t said not to put cats no it. Or those stupid american parents that put their child into the microware when it was crying. Main reason why russians laugh of americans is stupidity.
    You ask why people go to America or Canada whenever they have a chance? Well the main reason is either for they child education (that’s main one why my parents and me moved to Canada), politics, better jobs, better ways to earn money. But of course all of russians miss those days when they were in their own country. I am currewntly 14 and lived in Canada for only 1 year and I want to go back anyway.
    Now you ask about George Bush. Here it explains it, but my self I never knew why.

  5. the time has come to deport all russian communist arrogant asshholes from the lands that me and my ancestors fought and died for the russians have not”deport all russians, they hate americans and are here to use our system.

  6. ignorants.not just russians hate americans, i was in so many countries and all the south america. most of the people hate americans. that’s just not because of their debts. there are more reasons.russians were always were seen like some communists assholes,like some animals and wild people. many people in america think this way because of telecomunications.USA and Russia were always in conflict, because of military technology, and other politic problems. they are two strong countries.both of them are afraid of each other.
    the question is. why USA puts their military bases in europa, all across russia. that’s why russians feel un confortable.
    And for the assholes that speak about the jokes about americans.russians laugh in their own country, and americans have to do it in their movies and every place they can do it.what’s their problem.
    americans are so arrogant. they thin their country is the best place to live. worst of all is that they don’t know a shit.
    this video proves it.

  7. That video is CRAP! They must have surveyed 1000s of people on the street and took the dumbest 1%.

    Yes, some people have no idea what they are talking about, and they also have no intellectual hold on world affairs. But that video is simply propaganda designed to make Americans look dumb. You could make the same video in any one of the other countries in the world.

  8. I would say talking about hate is too early. If Americans actually attack Russia then there will be hatered. For now it is just various levels of dislike and different people have different reasons to dislike it.Here is the list of things that apply to me and people I know:
    Arrogance in external political matters – it is understandable that when country feels like it is on the top of the mountain it WILL overstep, but no one has to like it.
    American double standards – America is perceived (rightfully so in my opinion) to put its economic interests ahead of everything else and to use “democratic values” as a shield for its expansion and fight for resources in middle east and other parts of the world.
    Russians feel threatened when they see American bases getting build ALL AROUND Russia. America has its reasons but don’t expect anyone to like you for doing stuff like that. Americans would be equally pissed of if Russians started to put bases in South America (and it might still happen, so you’ll have a chance to answer the same question 🙂 ).
    General cultural shallowness – the level of literacy in USA is rather low, people don’t read much, TV shows are crap
    Spread of American cultural values – see point above. Some people will say “If you don’t like don’t watch it” but it is the matter of money. Money = more TV time. So there is a natural feel that new cheap and low values flood the markets TV etc.
    In addition to all that, the whole world blames USA for the current economic crisis. Don’t expect anyone to love America for screwing everyone up while trying to get the bigger piece.


  9. I can see why it propose a threat to Russia, and not all Americans beleive this to be in the correct direction. One of the reasons Senator Obama has most of the Americans ears is that it is time for a change a Total Change, stop doing as we are told, just as we acted in the “Boston Tea Party” whereas they did not agree with the taxation system, that was being forced on certain goods duty goods. The largest difference is that now we can communicate without the politics and the old way “do as I say not as I do” just does not fly heck even some of us in the south can now read (just a joke) The pompass ultra rich still hide behind the skirts of the politicans by whispering in their ear while handing them thousands of dollars, and yep some of it even comes via international mail, hummmm and by the way young man of 14, why are you so bitter? What was that first reason or excuse for your parents, which would be like my daughters age wow you could be like my grandchild, do not get caught up in such a hateful attitude, apply some of the negative energy towards your United States of America knowledge that was your parents first reason given by you to move to America. I am sorry if you do not wish to be in my neighborhood, but I guess your parents are “stupid too”. America’s history is one that orginates from its break-away from the British rule. One that is still growing up as we all are in a way. Too cease gaining knowledge and understanding is to quit. It is my sincere hope from a 55 year old american vet and like most of us now smelling the same old crap for years are kinda tired of it all, exception is that this time I hope we have not let our fellowship across the
    international waters misunderstand us. If I am wrong then please try to have understanding that I have had a wonderful life not always easy very tough in fact but do love my life and to whatever or whoever I thank you, I hope someday when you are my age you too can put aside such hate for a generation and allow that generation to relax as I hope we will this time.

  10. Come on. All Americans are stupid idiots. They destroy every nation. Remember Vietnam,Korea, Iraq, japan and others.
    they are arrogant fools who dont know their own history.
    They think that they invaded Iraq to fight terrorists.
    The real reason was to get their dirty hands on oil.
    I myself live in the US and know that the only way to save the world from this American democracy is to stop the tyrant who is in charge. I mean Bush by the way.

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