Heavy Snowfall

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk seems to have been spared a second day of the blizzard, but boy did the snow come down last night.  This morning saw only the main roads passable with all side roads and backstreets under a few feet or more.  Drifting snow has piled up well over a metre in places, and the pavements are completely buried meaning pedestrians have to walk in the roadway, which is itself only a narrow swathe cut through the snow.

More snow is forecast, which probably won’t please the chap in the photo below who keeps his car in a garage behind our apartment.

Heavy snowfall, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk


2 thoughts on “Heavy Snowfall

  1. We’re having a very “dry” winter here in North Italy this year. No snow at all, even on the Alps… and let me tell you: I envy you! Well, I know so much snow isn’t comfortable, but I miss the white 😉

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