Job vacancy opens on Sakhalin

Like NKVD chiefs under Stalin and Hamas leaders, it appears being governor of Sakhalin oblast’ is a risky business:

Alexander Khoroshavin, the governor of the Sakhalin Region in Russia’s Far East, has been arrested along with three of his associates on suspicion of taking a substantial bribe. According to an investigation into Khoroshavin’s activities, the governor received $5.6 million for his part in approving a contract for the construction of a local thermal power station.

On March 4, law enforcement authorities searched the government building of the Sakhalin Region as well as Khoroshavin’s official residence, dacha and apartment in Moscow. In the course of the investigation, the agents found large sums of money, as well as a large amount of valuables.

Khoroshavin had held the post since 2007 when his predecessor was forced to resign, allegedly due to non-action when an earthquake struck the island but possibly because he “wasn’t persistent enough in the battle against foreigners”. I blogged about this here.

This being Russia, the arrest took place as depicted in the picture below:

Because having FSB agents dressed like the Provisional IRA arresting a governor decked out like a football hooligan does wonders to dispel stereotypes about Russian law enforcement.


14 thoughts on “Job vacancy opens on Sakhalin

  1. I am reminded of the FBI interrogating a chum of the Boston bombers. They would seem to have murdered him. The story sank from sight pretty quickly.

  2. I’d not heard about that, dearieme. But now I think about it, the American police forces are becoming more like those of Russia, not less. This is probably not a good thing.

  3. Dearieme is correct. Federal agents can kill people with impunity. Border Patrol agents have killed over 45 people, with never a reprimand, much less criminal consequences, not even in the case of a Mexican boy walking down the street in a Mexican city, who was shot ten times in the back and head by an agent firing through the border fence. Such is life under the Obama/Holder regime.

  4. Sh*t happens, but at least in the US, one can sue like Todashev’s dad and that Mexican kid’s mom, and these lawsuits eventually have an impact on agencies’ policies. In Russia, you’re just plain screwed without any recourse to justice.

  5. Rank impertinence on my part, Tim, but I have just given you a nudge in the ribs over at my place in the hope that you will give us your opinion on the somewhat surprising events in Nigeria. Surely you can take one evening off from your usual round of swank Parisian restaurants!

  6. A little bird tells me that they Easter Monday but not Good Friday. Semi-secular!

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