They’re Learning

In other Russian oil and gas news, Gazprom is taking the novel approach of not building a pipeline until a requirement for one has been established and its planning finished:

Russian gas giant Gazprom is in talks about laying two pipelines to China, which could each send up to 30 billion cubic metres of gas per year across the border, a senior executive said today.

Alexander Medvedev, head of Gazprom’s export arm said the Russian player was in talks with China National Petroeul Corporation (CNPC) over the new links.

The company will likely focus initially on just one of the possible projects, and construction would not go ahead until all the details were sorted out.

“We don’t like it when the pipelines are lying empty on the ground and that is why we don’t exclude that both projects could go ahead… but we should identify the priority project,” Medvedev said.

Now there’s blue-sky thinking!