Kazakh Arabia?

Once again the authors at Harry’s Place wander into matters Central Asian and quickly get lost, this time in the steppes of Kazakhstan:

[F]or those of us whose knowledge of Kazakhstan is gleaned entirely from Borat’s new film: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, take a few minutes out to read Andrew Apostolou’s explanation of why Bush was wrong to invite Nazarbayev to the White House.

Which we do, and come across such wisdom as:

[A] predominately Muslim Kazakhstan teeters on the brink of turning into another Saudi Arabia: corrupt at the top, with ample cause for discontent at the bottom.

They should stick to Borat.


3 thoughts on “Kazakh Arabia?

  1. something like less than 10% of the population of Kazakhstan are practising muslims. the rest – orthodox, atheists etc.

    only 40% are ethnic kazakhs – the rest are russia, korean, ukrainian, tatar, and many more ethnicities…

    its funny my in laws claim to be muslim, while they talk about animist beliefs, drink beer and vodka and scoff sausages and non-halal meat etc. its all a bit of nonsense really

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