Imperial Idiocy

A common piece of cluelessness from Gene over at Harry’s Place: 

Israel has always been a thorn in the side of the real imperialists of the Middle East– the big oil companies extracting the wealth of Arab and Muslim countries, and those in government who support them.

Almost without exception, the big oil companies operating in the Middle East are government owned or government controlled.  I’m not sure how a government extracting oil from its own territory amounts to imperialism, but I’m sure there’s an academic somewhere who can explain it all to me.


5 thoughts on “Imperial Idiocy

  1. An academic? Will you make do with Chomsky’s pseudo-academic ramblings? I paraphrase:

    Middle East governments have only nominal independence. They are merely stooges doing the bidding of their Imperialist masters in the vast right wing conspiracy operated by the US oil companies through their puppets in government.

    International Socialist Review.

    Now we know.

  2. Even besides your objections, if I understand correctly what this guy’s saying:
    if Israel, like the Arab coiuntries that surround her, had big reserves of oil, the White House puppet of Big Oil Co’s would try to please her, up to starting a war with her enemies (Iraq’s doctatorship), or stay silent for 3 weeks while Israel was fighting with Hezbollocks, right?
    Oh wait…

  3. The amount of arrogance and US/Euro-centrism this kind of attitude displays always amuses me.

    Here are people who so believe the West is doing wrong that they must condemn any action taken almost out of hand – often not realising that they are actually condemning the actions of companies who are, in reality, little more than pygmies compared to the size of many of their locally owned competitors.

  4. “not sure how a government extracting oil from its own territory amounts to imperialism”: I suppose it slightly resembles imperialism in that those governments usually came by their oil assets by theft from western corporations.

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