The boys and girls over at Samizdata are discussing circumcision.  The issue of male circumcision always generates a heated debate in libertarian circles, between those who argue that the child should be protected from “mutilation” and those who argue that the government has no right to interfere.

Me, I don’t really know, and I don’t have any dog – or be-willied child – in this fight.  What I do know is that two things are usually mentioned whenever the topic of male circumcision comes up:

1. Women prefer how it looks circumcised, a statement offered in favour of the practice.

2. American men want their children circumcised because they themselves are circumcised, and they “want him to look like me”.

Regarding the first point, can you imagine a man advocating surgical intervention on female children based on how he prefers them to look in a sexual context?  He’d be burned at the nearest stake.

Regarding the second, I’ve actually heard people say this.  Which leads me to believe that the annual Father-Son Cock Similarity Contest is a big event in the American social calendar.

Finally, I have no idea which category to file this post under.  I’ll stick it under General Observations.


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