Posting on here will be sporadic at best, because tomorrow I am heading off on holiday with my girlfriend.  We are going to London for a few days, then taking the train to Hereford to visit some friends, after which we’re off to St. Petersburg for just over a week. 

Apparently it is thirty degrees in St. Petersburg now, which is about forty degrees warmer than when I was last there, and twenty degrees colder than here.  I will finally get to witness the famous White Nights, the phenomenon whereby the latitude of the city means at the height of summer the sun does not set completely and it doesn’t go properly dark.  Apparently, this provides the excuse for everyone to stand around outside all night drinking heavily in the gloom.  In fact, described like this, it doesn’t sound much different from a British summer.

After some thought, I have decided to write a full travelogue for the Russian part of my trip.  I cannot promise that it will be anything like as exciting as my rather idiotic trips of the past, but I will do my best.  I have been encouraged to do so by my girlfriend, who read the previous two accounts before she actually met me, and several readers who have emailed asking when I’m going to write another one.  It goes without saying that I will be taking a large number of photos, and I will publish the best ones on here on my return. 

Lastly, thanks to all my readers and their kind comments which continue to provide the motivation for me to write this stuff.


7 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. I am glad you’ve changed your mind. Looking forward to reading your travelogue.

  2. I’m glad to read that you’ll be doing another travelogue…they’re my second-favorite part of your blog (after your unfortunately discontinued political commentaries…)!

  3. First: it’s not gloom. It’s perpetual romantic twilight. Color of Persian Lilac.
    Second: can you take some pics and write about England, too? Never been there.
    Third: when in Piter, please go to Nord and eat a huge Crem-Brulee ice-cream for me, would you?
    Fourth: take a pic of your GF in front of a statue in the Summer Garden.

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