A Short Analysis of a Saudi’s Blog

Via the Religious Policeman, I came across this posting by a Saudi lady complaining of her treatment by her male oppressors:

Due to the dickless dicks who have been granted power to control MY GOD DAMN LIFE, I will not be able to blog or even check my fucking email! Fuck this country and every GOD DAMN SAUDI who has allowed for this BS to go on!

She is understandably upset, and the Religious Policeman likens her to the suffragettes:

If every Saudi woman were like her, the streets would be buzzing with women driving to each others’ houses, shops, schools and of course the places where they work, wearing bright clothing and sporting bare faces with makeup.

Me, I’m not so sure.  Let’s have a look through the blog of the lady in question.

First we have her singing the praises of George Galloway and his performance on Capitol Hill:

No doubt about it.. This was definitly a victory 4 the british parliamentary system!!!

If she means that the British parliamentary system allows MPs the freedom of speech to say whatever they please, then she has a point.  But somehow I doubt this is the point she is making.  I rather feel that she is simply gloating over what she sees as brave underdog Galloway taking on the might of the US and coming off best.  I wonder if the lady in question actually realises that Galloway has a lengthy track record of supporting Arabic dictators who restrict the rights of women and imprison or execute those who dare to speak their minds, and that free speech in the USA is vastly superior to that of almost every other country on the planet, and these rights are rigorously upheld by the very people who Galloway was lambasting.

Her contempt for the USA is further revealed in this post, along with a telling sentence or two on the religion of peace:

Yes, America might be the only super power at the moment, but HELLO two billion Muslims will not hesitate to open a can of whoop arse for our America “liberators”! And let me just say this, I will DEFINITLY be one of them. The current conversion rate among the 3 leading religions is 3:1 for ISLAM. So PUHHH-LEASE you think you can take us on?!?

Oh really?? Well Washington can kiss my bedouin arse! I cannot believe the nerve of this guy and his freakin gov! They go off invading other peoples homes, lying about it and stealing their livelihoods (OIL!), and when it’s obvious they’ve made such a muck of it all, who do they blame?! SAUDI! SHOCK, HORROR?! I THINK NOT!

America needs to take its head out of its filthy arse and stop this chaos! You can’t go around invading peoples homes, supporting despots and appartheid in “Israel” and expect the world to be all hunky-dory!

Am so freakin PI$$ED with this B*****D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WALLAH AL3A6’EEEM if there’s even an incling of somethin like that happening, there will definitly be some cleansing done, Sep 11 style!!!

Yes, I can see the similarities with Emily Pankhurst already.

We also learn from our Saudi lady, who is complaining of having her rights infringed, that:

The Reprinting of the Danish cartoons shows that the West are just as idiotic as those so-called Muslims targeting Christians in Beirut.

Erm, no.  They are demonstrating that freedom of expression is a fundamental and universal right which cannot be curtailed by religious zealots, something which I thought she was demanding for herself.  I also note that she twice stated her opposition to the toppling of the Taliban on her blog, although I would hazard a guess that much of the female population of Afghanistan would not share this view.

Finally, on her sidebar we have a link to the Electronic Intifada (link omitted) which is currently supporting normalisation of relations with those well-known defenders of womens’ rights Hamas, plus the usual plethora of links to sites denouncing Israel, whose women enjoy equal rights with men in stark contrast to their counterparts in the Arab world.

I find the situation rather ironic.  Here we have a lady who is justificably angry at her appalling treatment as a second class citizen under Islamic law, yet at the same time is supporting George Galloway, continually denouncing the USA and issuing it with dark warnings of violent Islamic uprisings, equating Western freedom of speech with sectarian murder, and indirectly supporting Hamas in its violent struggle against Israel.

I have to disagree with the Religious Policeman, and conclude that the reason things are as they are in Saudi is because too many people are like her: demanding rights and freedoms for herself whilst denying others the same, and embarking down a path of blaming the West for ills whose roots lie squarely at home.


11 thoughts on “A Short Analysis of a Saudi’s Blog

  1. They’ve been brainwashed generally for the last few generations, they cannot think critically or analytically when it comes to button-pushing issues. I feel kind of sorry for this girl. She desperately wants greater freedom, but she is as much a product of the Great Evil Wahhabi Machine as the males in her family that oppress her.

  2. Maybe she’ll throw herself under the King’s camel?

    Seriously though, I concur with secretdubai. Yes she needs criticising but surely some compassion too. I’d have thought even the most independent minded individual is still going to have their thoughts steered by the surroundings of her upbringing.

  3. Hmm. I probably have been a trifle harsh, and agree with your comments. But if these are the insiders who need help, it is hard to see how things will improve without direct outside intervention, and we can all see how successful that has been in Iraq.

    All the way through my post I was thinking that unless she snaps out of this way of thinking and wises up a bit, she and many other women are going to have to put up with this kind of treatment for a long time yet. It’s a lot to ask, but it’s going to have to be done. I guess that was what I was trying to say in posting this.

  4. I find the brainwashing just as frustrating. I used to care a lot about this region, and fighting misconceptions, but since the Danish cartoons thing I find it really hard to give a shit. I know it’s not their fault that they’ve all been indoctrinated to hate the west/never think for themselves, I know it’s the fault of a deficient, theocratic education system encouraged by corrupt regimes, but I still find myself not caring more and more.

    I try to remind myself that Oppressed People Suck, and how that doesn’t mean we should give up on them, quite the contrary, but it’s still really, really hard.

    I personally spent four and a half years here arguing for this region and trying to reduce ignorance and prejudice among friends and family back home (yeah – I know no one ever asked me to, but I liked it here, I felt grateful towards the people, I felt they were worth supporting) – then the Danish cartoons kick in – and most days I truly wonder why I ever fucking bothered. I reckon it could take the rest of my lifetime to ever get the sympathy and even passion (on a good day) that I felt for this region back, and that’s if I ever do get it back.

    Because this place ain’t gonna change in any of our lifetimes – it’s going to take generations to turn things around and make critical thinking minds the norm here, not the exception.

  5. She’s demanding a specific kind of freedom, which runs counter to the idea in the first place. Freedom is a complete package – either you take all of it, or you take it piecemeal and you get the mishmash of half hearted implementations we have here.

    It’s just impossible. There’s almost no way to be open minded out here, and every time you try to do so, you perform a crash test into a concrete wall. I no longer excuse mindsets or cultural attitudes, that argument only takes you so far.

    If inherent victimisation is what they choose to make their day better, no amount of freedom fries is going to wash it down.

    And re: SD – I’m been waiting 25+ years for that golden generation which will magically understand the power of compassion, tolerance and understanding.

    In a hundred years, archaelogists will be unearthing Landcruisers and LV handbags. Evidence of intellect? How could they find what was never there?

  6. *secretdubai: reading your comment (and not knowing anything else about you, admittedly), it looks like “friends and family back home” were actually right in their opinion of the “region”, as you call Arabs (I presume) – why you continue to call it iignorance and prejudice? May be you should apologise to them, for your 4+ years of name-calling of your own people.

    As to the furie in question: I was saying this all alongat the beginning of Bush term, listening to all sickening “compassionate conservatism” speeches of “giving the voice to the oppressed women of Middle East and Afganistan”, etc: you might not like what you hear when they finally open their mouths.

  7. why you continue to call it iignorance and prejudice?

    Because I think it is ignorant and prejudiced to hold a view that all Arabs/muslims are terrorists, women can’t drive or hold jobs (true in Saudi – not necessarily true elsewhere), that you can’t drink the water here, etc etc.

    I’m just at the point where I don’t really care any more if westerners believe these. My days of free PR – “heaps of women work, they’re very educated” “most muslims are very tolerant and moderate in their religion” – are over.

    The majority of people here showed themselves to be brainwashed, reactionary, hate-filled and gutless over the Danish cartoons, ergo they’ve lost my support. Just one voice? Who knows. There may be others like me, there may not.

  8. So, again, you contradict yourself, in that last comment, SD: if your former opinion “most muslims are very tolerant in their religion” is correct, how come “majority of people here showed themselves to be brainwashed, reactionary, hate-filled and gutless over the Danish cartoons”?It would mean to me (if I were the one of this opinion, which I can’t imagine under any circumstances) – I would conclude I was wrong, the opinion was incorrect, and agree with people I formerly thought ignorant and prejudiced.

    Being “educated” doesn’tautomatically adds intelligence, nobility of thought, logic and critical thinking to an individual. They are feudal serfs in their mentality, and they intend to stay that way – only demanding Western civilization to share the fruits of its labor with them.

  9. Yes, I agree that blaming the west for every problem in the Arab world ( not necessarily Muslim world, im not Muslim) , the Danish cartoon fiasco and the hate speech all around is not something that will help this region rise from its incompetence, but this does not completely negate the west of all its Ill will and ignorance, and bloody history, and present, I fail to see how people who seem to think they know whats wrong with the Arabs and are interested for one reason or the other in the “well being” of their society are just as ignorant. people like SD and Tim need to see why the west is hated , I have lived less than half of my adult life in the Middle East, let me tell you something I have traveled far and wide, from Guatemala to Chile to Ecuador all the way to Japan, Austria Africa and Australia, the 3rd world Despised the west, no more no less than the Arabs, call it jealousy or whatever, but maybe the West needs to stop the massacres in Haditha and Basra and Palestine.. the aggression on Venezuela, the self righteousness, maybe then you will have somewhat of a case with these people who you think are brainwashed by their own control freaks, who were installed by you own control freaks.

  10. maybe the West needs to stop the massacres in Haditha and Basra and Palestine.. the aggression on Venezuela, the self righteousness

    This line has been trotted out for years by those wishing to explain why people hate the West. Unfortunately, the evidence shows quite clearly that no matter what the West does, it will be despised by those who have utterly failed to advance or improve their societies in generations. In fact, this is pretty much what the Saudi lady is saying: I’m treated badly by my countrymen, but I’m going to blame the West.

    Incidentally, that you state unequivocally that massacres have been perpertrated by the West in Haditha, Basra, and Palestine and that Venezuela is being subject to agression leads me to wonder who is the one brainwashed here.

  11. Tatyana – the contradiction is the point. Up until the cartoons controversy, I found most muslims to be very modest, tolerant and reasonable with their region. I had a lot of respect for them.

    The cartoons arrive, and I found most muslims to be extremely irrational, violent in their reaction. It was shocking, disappointing, disillusioning: I’m still not over it.

    FWIW I’ve always agreed that the Holocaust denial bans are completely anachronistic and inappropriate. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind from the evidence I have read that the Holocaust took place. But I believe people should have the right to say that it didn’t.

    So I share muslim grievance about western hypocrisy on this one. For me it’s freedom of speech all the way.

    But I feel I need to come to terms with this, and somehow develop compassion rather than anger – after all, they are the victims of brainwashing. There is only so much most human brains can take in terms of indoctrination and hate mongering before they are irreperably damaged.

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