All work and no play makes Tim a dull blogger

Sorry about the lack of posting as of late.  My outrage at the political inanity contained within the Gulf News and other such publications has withered as a result of my not having opened a newspaper in a week or so.  I’ve been pretty busy, running up and down to Kuwait, where I have been exposed instead to the fuckwittery which accompanies hotel operations seemingly anywhere in the world (with the notable exception of Seoul).

I’ve also been preparing for my holidays at the end of June, when I will be taking my lovely girlfriend to the UK to meet my friends and family for the first time before we both go to St. Petersburg, where she is from.  This has involved booking two sets of flights, train tickets, and leave application forms, plus arranging her UK visa and my Russian one.

This, on top of the fact that I am seriously busy at work, has lead to blogging fatigue which I hope will disappear before too long.


7 thoughts on “All work and no play makes Tim a dull blogger

  1. It’s good to see you’re still on this Earth, even if over-working and over-stressed. I really wish you the best for your coming holidays, and gift us a report when you’ll be back ^_^

  2. Slips my mind – may be you’ve mentioned it – how did you acquired your current GF?

    Have a nice vacation, Tim.

  3. Slips my mind – may be youve mentioned it – how did you acquired your current GF?

    It’s quite a good story actually. An Uzbek girl called Zulfia emailed Nathan Hamm of Registan fame just introducing herself and saying she liked his blog and liked to get to know people with an interest in Uzbekistan. Zulfia happened to live in Dubai, working for Hyatt Hotels, and Nathan, knowing I lived in Dubai, forwarded me the email.

    I got in touch with Zulfia, introduced myself and said I had an interest in Uzbekistan and all things FSU, and we agreed to meet up for a drink. This we did occasionally for about 6 months or something, and then Zulfia was changing jobs from Hyatt Hotels to FedEx and needed somewhere to stay for a week or so while she found a new place (her original accomodation was provided by Hyatt).

    So she ended up staying for a month in my spare room, and during that month she mentioned to a friend of hers from the Hyatt that she was staying with a single British bloke who was interested in Russia and Russian girls, and she mentioned to me that she knew a single Russian girl who was interested in meeting me. So Zulfia arranged for this girl, Yulia, to come to my apartment one evening and if we got on, Zulfia would go out with some other friends, leaving us alone.

    As things turned out, we got on splendidly and it’s been great ever since.

  4. IR,

    Thank you! That is nice to hear.

    Sadly, I probably won’t be writing a travelogue on this trip. As with two previous visits to Russia, I will be there with somebody and just socialising rather than travelling, and I don’t think an account would be terribly interesting and would in all likelihood invade on somebody’s privacy.

    I will reserve my travelogues for those trips which involve mainly travelling to strange places, either alone or with someone. Those pretty much write themselves, and I really hope I’m able to take a trip worthy of writing up before the year is out, although these are obviously going to be more difficult now I am attached to someone.

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