On the death of Boris Berezovsky

Amid all the speculation, I found this most interesting:

In an informal interview with journalist Ilya Zhegule on the eve of his death, and published on Forbes’ Russian language website, Mr Berezovsky reportedly said his life no longer made sense and spoke of his desire to return to Russia.

“There is nothing that I wish more today than to return to Russia,” he is quoted as saying.

“I had underestimated how dear Russia is to me and how little I can stand being an emigre.

In this respect, Berezovsky is far from alone.  Many a Russian has left the motherland and found they missed it terribly, which often surprises them.  I’ve heard stories of Russians fleeing the Soviet Union who return to face execution or imprisonment rather than stay out of the homeland.  Something to do with the “Russian soul”, I believe.


2 thoughts on “On the death of Boris Berezovsky

  1. He may have been clinically depressed. At the moment, it looks like he hanged himself, which is what depressed people seem to do every now and then. But who knows – perhaps this interview is a fake and he didn’t feel that bad and the Russian Forbes only set up a smoke screen? Veering off into conspiracy theories, I know.

  2. My Irish maternal grandfather disparaged everything Irish in damning and consistent terms. My mother, normally very shrewd, in a moment of sentimental weakness decided that she and my father would to go on a driving holiday to Ireland. (This was before “the troubles” of the last few decades.)

    When I asked her about their hols she started recounting what she had seen before tailing off into sobs. My father’s summary was terse: “Dad was right.”

    Russians, you say, are different.

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