British explorer bez vizi

A Russian judge will decide whether a British explorer who is walking around the world should be tried for entering the country without paperwork.

reports the BBC.

Karl Bushby, 36, from Hull, arrived near the unauthorised entry point of Uelen on 2 April having walked across the frozen Bering Strait from Alaska.

He and fellow explorer Dimitri Kieffer were later detained by border guards and moved to the village of Lavrentiya.

If sent for trial and found guilty they could be fined and face deportation.

Mr Bushby, a former paratrooper, entered Russia during his 12-year record-breaking bid to walk around the world, known as the Goliath expedition.

He has spent the last seven-and-a-half years in his quest and hopes to arrive home in four years.

I’m not sure quite what they expected to happen when they arrived in Russia without papers.  It’s not like Russia has a reputation for laid-back border guards and easy-going immigration officials, is it?

I reckon they didn’t expect this part of Russia to be inhabited.  They were probably trudging through the snow in their 5 season Gore-Tex jackets, fighting for survival against the deadly wind-chill, battling frostbite with every step, ever conscious of the fate of Captain Scott in their epic struggle of man against the elements…

…when they came across a babushka standing in the snow selling potatoes from a bucket, and a couple of sultry looking men in black leather jackets walking bareheaded back from the local bar.  Only when a couple of unshaven chain-smoking policemen stopped them and said “Documentii, pazhalusta” did our hero from Hull realise that he’d seriously fucked up his homework.


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  2. It isn’t as if it is difficult to make the proper arrangements either. This guy had supposedly hiked from the southern end of South America all the way to Alaska – I am sure he is familiar with how to obtain a proper visa!

    If he had done this properly, perhaps there would have been objections to what he was attempting. But I still think he could have found a way to do this properly.

  3. But that might be just the case, W.Shedd: if he had experienced nothing but warm welcome from border control from South America (and entered US from the South)-he thought that’s how the world works!

  4. He also brought a Smith Wesson (no license, of course) to scare off polar bears.

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