Ze Breeteesh are ze best!

Not often you hear words like this from a Frenchman:

French oil major Total has strongly criticised the European Union plans to regulate offshore oil and gas across its 27 member states.

“We think that regulation is not the appropriate format,” Total’s senior vice president for Northern Europe Patrice de Vivies told at a conference on Thursday, Reuters reported.

“The standards should be handled by competent people and not by bureaucrats in Brussels so we have to be very careful with this proposed regulation”, he added.

De Vivies instead advocated for best-practice UK standards to be imposed across the region by individual member states.

“In the UK the standards are the best in the world. In Norway it’s very close. We have to be very careful to take the best but not to introduce bureaucracy into the process,” de Vivies said.

He’s right, though.  Sadly, Total is barely representative of France, let alone the EU.


2 thoughts on “Ze Breeteesh are ze best!

  1. Ze Breeteesh are ze best, all the regular caveats notwithstanding. If only we could hope that it would remain so in the future.

  2. Little, tattered fragments of Britishness will struggle on for a bit – it’s rather reminiscent of the way the Welsh still referred to themselves as Citizens as the Dark Ages closed in.

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