Some time back I put up a post linking to my Patreon page and begging my readers for money. A few of you were kind enough to donate, and for that I am truly appreciative, especially as I didn’t have an income for a year and a few dollars per month paid for things like the hosting, domain name renewal, and anti-spam services.

However, now I’m not posting as much I feel bad about accepting money each month while I loaf. I also have a job nowadays, and am no longer an impoverished student. I have gone onto Patreon and there doesn’t seem to be an option to delete subscriptions, only suspend billing each month. I want to keep the site open in case I start blogging with a vengeance again (which may or may not focus on the penchant of Kiwi women for poisoning, dismemberment, and backyard burials) so please can I ask that anyone who is currently donating cancel their subscription? I am massively grateful for your supporting me, but I don’t feel comfortable accepting any more donations.

Naturally, those of you who have top up my pocket money by clicking on the ads for Pakistani singles in your area or socks which look like bacon rashers, you keep doing your thing.


4 thoughts on “Patreon

  1. Hi Tim, missing your sharp prose. Hope the past three months have gone as well as they might. The working from home fashion has found its time, anyway.

    Will Williams

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