High Hills

Via Mike in Switzerland, this story:

Shocking photos of Congresswoman Katie Hill are revealed as she’s seen NAKED showing off Nazi-era tattoo while smoking a bong, kissing her female staffer and posing nude on ‘wife sharing’ sites.

Amusingly, she’s into polyamory:

The then 22-year-old began a throuple relationship with Hill and her husband Kenny Heslep shortly after she started working for Hill in 2017

All that’s missing here is a trip to Burning Man. She’s a complete degenerate, meaning she’s representative of the core Democrat constituency these days. Beats me why anyone thinks this is a problem.


15 thoughts on “High Hills

  1. She must be old if she got a tattoo in the Nazi era.
    Oh, she has a cross which pre-dates the Nazis and is the current insignia of the German armed forces – as well as having completely unrelated significance, which is almost certainly her reason for having it. Trust the DM to go with a shameless click bait headline.

  2. I must say that I was utterly disappointed with what I seen, after keenly rushing to view the piccies.

  3. “Oh, she has a cross which pre-dates the Nazis”

    Very true Matt. But…

    Since the MSM were aghast some time ago about firefighters wearing Iron Crosses (which they then said, I believe, were Maltese Crosses, but were in fact Florian Crosses), shouldn’t the same standard hold for anyone with the Iron Cross? 😉

  4. Hector. If it was a male or even, gasp, a Republican the MSM on either side of the pond would have been pushing the story non-stop.

    The DM has a large readership and for once is doing a decent job in pushing an inconvenient story the establishment would rather forget. That’s ok in my book, exclusive or not. On the plus side for the Dems at least the copious opportunities for blackmail have been reduced leaving the mere matter of violating strict congressional conduct rules by the vice chair of a congressional committee. Also the fact she has been exposed as a bare-faced liar having initially denied the affair with her intern.

    The word “throuple” intrigues me. I had never heard it used before albeit my experience of such matters has been limited to the musings of our host. The obvious intention is to normalise something akin to a couple namely three, instead of two, people in a relatively stable relationship which clearly is nothing of the sort here. Whenever the media en masse starts using a new word the alarm bells start ringing.

  5. My cousin’s daughter (first cousin once removed, in the unlikely event that you’re interested) is polyamorous and pretty hot. My definition of poly is multiple simultaneous long-term relationships, and she seems to have no problem finding studs willing to share. The only proviso being that they must be deaf to handle her new-age sewage, although if Jordan Peterson does Jung it might not be the unmitigated (censored) that it appears to be.

  6. Rather amusingly, The Guardian has decided this is just a case of revenge porn and a smear by Republican’s.


    “That latter allegation is not supported by any evidence”

    What happened to the ‘creditably accused’ line they so favoured when it was Kavanaugh?

    To double down on the irony, Moria is someone who created a ‘smear’ list of ‘allegations and rumors of sexual misconduct against approximately 70 men[1] in the media industry, particularly in New York City. ‘


  7. Michael van der Riet, seems to me that polyamorous is just a euphemism for the term “slag”.

  8. Wow normally when you read about sleaze scandals like this the actual material is pretty tame.

    This lady was really going for it.

    Whilst I don’t care much how she runs her personal life – a white male politician would be utterly rinsed for this kind of behaviour. Amazed it hasn’t been a bigger story.

  9. Oblong – You’re missing the key word – a white right-leaning male politician would be utterly rinsed for this kind of behaviour.

    I think if Hill was a Republican then this would be the biggest scandal of the moment.

  10. Don’t worry – the Guardian’s Komment Mach Frei is here to tell us all why it’s different:

    “It’s worth pointing out the distinct ethical position of a woman’s abuse of power in this way from a man’s: when Hill engaged in an affair with a campaign aide, she did not do so in the context of millennia of men’s sexual violence against women, and she did not do so with the reasonable ability to threaten force. But acknowledging this does not mean that we must understand such affairs as acceptable.”

    So apparently it’s only wrong in the context of millennia of sexual violence.

    Cannot believe this nonsense. Proper David Thompson Blog material this.


  11. I’m sure that when each and every male predator strikes, he feels the power of the millennia and is never acting alone, of his own volition.

  12. She should run for president, one more Dem freak would increase the entertainment factor of an increasingly bizarre race. Just need Tulsi to stand as a third party to send the Dems even further off into insanity…..orange man good!

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