I’m going to be migrating the blog over to a new hosting service over the next few days, so if you see the site has disappeared, don’t start panicking.


Well, I would have migrated the site if my new hosts weren’t taking the best part of a week to process the order. Harrumph.


The migration is complete. It took longer than it should have mainly because I was being dumb.


28 thoughts on “Rehosting

  1. Will you give us a clue about how to find your new site? Or is this an intelligence test? 🙂

  2. Good time to move. The adverts on this site are getting strange. No ads for useful things like compressors or guns — it is now mostly dating sites. I had no idea there were so many beautiful Asian ladies living in my under-populated county, and have to ask — What happened to all the lonely Russian ladies who used to live nearby?

    Now we get a chance to “Meet Happy Active Women 40+”. From the photo, I can’t tell if 40+ is the age or the bust measurement.

    On the new site, please can we get ads for sensible things, like adult diapers?

  3. Gavin, how come you get all these exciting ads and I don’t? At Tim’s ConTel there was a dating site full of young lovely Russian ladies who despite my insistence that I was only interested in 50+ kept on contacting me.

  4. If your new host is fucking you around at this stage you should go elsewhere immediately. Starting a new hosting account and moving a WordPress site shouldn’t take more than an hour at the very top, maybe more if you are optimising your ad revenue structure or deep geeking of some sort. But a week? Feh.

  5. “Gavin, how come you get all these exciting ads and I don’t? ”

    If I understand how this works, correctly, you get the sort of ads your browsing history indicates you’re interested in. So the recommendation would be to visit a few pr0n sites & raise the quality of your adds.

  6. Bloke in Spain — You may be on to something there. I have been checking quite a few (English language) Chinese sites about certain technologies & developments. Maybe the closest match Skynet could find between my browsing and their paying advertisers was Asian dating sites.

    On the other hand, maybe the Algorithm is lonely? 🙂

  7. BiS; sort of. It’s the browsing history attached to the IP address, and nearly all IP addresses allocated by ISPs to retail consumers are dynamic, and can change over time (24 to 48 hours, depending on how DHCP is configured within their networks). The other problem is how to distinguish between multiple devices, operated by different users, that appear to be from a single IP address; there’s a thing called Network Address Translation – NAT – which allows traffic to be routed correctly between your desktop, the wife’s laptop and the kids’ Xbox.

    So there’s a whole load of stuff added on top of this – cookies etc – that are intended to make the personalisation of ads actually work.

    Cut a long story short; use your phone at home on your WiFi and you’ll see a particular set of ads across sites. Switch off the WiFi and use the mobile provider’s network, with a different IP address, you’ll start to see a difference in the ads. Go down the pub and use their WiFi, it will change again. And since the pub presents a much wider audience than your living room, but still only has a single IP address, it will change again, possibly quite dramatically.

    Which explains why my local is apparently a gay bar, once in a blue moon, according to the ads that get delivered.

  8. Update: I think that this is just an excuse for Tim to take another shot at that Russian woman in Florida.

  9. Oh, I know how it works, Ducky. Tell by the language the ads are in. But most of it’s cookies. I go through & clear them out, periodically. Anything’s got Google on it, for a start.
    It’s particularly noticeable on YouTube. Which I tend to use from video links. However the wenches get at it sometimes & the suggested viewing fills up with reggaeton vids. (shudder) What is it with reggaeton? Comes in two flavours. Girl without much kit on singing with a gaggle of girls with not much kit on. Or two or three geezers with very white teeth, singing surrounded by an adoring bunch of girls with not much kit on. All vocals recorded with the performer’s head in a tin bucket. Innovation of any kind seems unknown to Hispanic culture. Everything, but everything, sound exactly the same.

  10. I might have missed something, but where can we find the blog from now on ? A link would be nice 🙂

  11. I might have missed something, but where can we find the blog from now on?

    You’re commenting on it. 🙂 I changed the host – the back end of the blog. The front end will stay exactly the same, including the address.

  12. There was a very interesting point during the move where the Installation Wizard was presented to the world, with the “Ah, welcome to your new site Mr. Admin – what would you like to call it, and what other exciting options would you like to change?” screen. For quite a while…

    I didn’t type anything in the boxes 😉

  13. There was a very interesting point during the move where the Installation Wizard was presented to the world,

    Heh! Fortunately, I was probably busy wiping the whole install at the time from the server side. 🙂

  14. So, will the new site be secure (https) so that I can read it at work?

    I think so yes. Try it and let me know.

  15. Whether or not https it gets flagged as hate speech by my employers blocker. They aren’t actually bothered by internet surfing but the filters on everything are set to full paranoia mode.

  16. My prior employer had this site blocked as a hate speech site. Now out and my current employment doesn’t give me enough time during the day to eat let alone browse the internet.

    So by analogy clearly Tim needs to post more or get a job….

  17. Have you posted anything since this ‘Rehosted’ thread, Tim ?
    Nothing more recent shows on my browser….do I have a problem here, or have you been too busy?…

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