A Trip to Germany

Several months ago I was in a club in Lagos and met a young German who works at the consulate here.  He was from Dusseldorf, and I told him that next week I will be going to an area near there: Sauerland.  He replied with eyebrows raised:

“Why would you go to Sauerland?”

I told him I was going to the wedding of somebody from there.

“Oh, that explains it.”

Sauerland, it appears, is a rural area in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany which has much in common with mid-Wales: it rains heavily at short notice, there are plenty of hills and forests but not much else, the locals drink beer by the keg, optimists label it a tourist area and attempt to sell the hills as mountains, and not much English is spoken.  The only thing missing was sheep, much to the disappointment of this Welshman.

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