Who, me?

This article in Upstream Online caught my eye:

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is all but certain to become president again next month, has said non-state companies should be given access to the hydrocarbon-rich offshore Russian Arctic.

Right, but back in December 2010 we were being told:

Russia is working on a host of new legislation and framework changes to allow foreigners to more easily explore for oil and gas as Moscow moves to unlock its vast Arctic hydrocarbon resources.

So what happened to that?  As usual, we’re hearing the same guff being repeated with no commensurate action.

Moving swiftly on:

“We made a decision (some time ago) that only state-controlled companies may work offshore in the Northern seas. This, to my mind, constrains production development,” Putin told an election campaign meeting on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

Yes.  Yes, you did make that decision, and it was a monumentally stupid one, as everyone (including me) pointed out at the time.  Glad to see you’ve finally come to your senses.  But are you going to take responsibility for unnecessarily delaying Russia’s oil and gas developments for 4 years?  Of course not!  Instead you’re seeking election to the highest office in the land.

“We have to work out what more should be done to increase opportunities (for other companies),” Putin added.

You can start by standing well out of the way and staying there.