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Apologies for the lack of posts about Seoul. Truth is, for the first time in my life I’ve actually had to do some work. I’ve been in engineering meetings every day from 8:00am until 7:00pm every day, and it gets dark here at around 5:00pm. By the time I get home and have fed myself, I just want to collapse into bed. It is also below freezing here, which doesn’t make roaming the streets at night particularly tempting.

However, for the benefit of my readers I went up onto the roof of the hotel one morning just as the sun was rising to take these pictures of the city.






Tomorrow I have a day off, and I intend to use it to go to either one of the palaces or the war museum, which is supposed to be excellent.

Last night Juan and I were taken to a Korean barbecue by three of our Korean clients, and much soju was consumed. Soju is a Korean version of vodka, and it comes in little bottles which are emptied with astonishing pace. It is drunk by the shot, although without the ritual of grand speeches that accompanies drinking in Russia. Sometimes the shot is sipped, sometimes downed in one go – but the pace is high, and your glass is rarely empty. One of the little customs of drinking in Korea is that you should never fill your own glass, so if you want a refill you must first hand the bottle to one of your friends. The soju itself was not bad and far better than how I have heard it described, although I am sure there are nastier versions of it aboout. But having spent considerable amounts of time drinking varying qualities of vodka with Russians over the past year or so, drinking this stuff was child’s play, especially as I knew to keep eating after each glass – advice my Venezuelan friend was glad of. The biggest problem was that there was no soft drink chaser, and the only thing to drink was soju. As Korean food is spicy, you had to drink more of it than you should otherwise do without some sort of mixer – which was the primary reason why I woke up this morning with more of a headache than I’d have liked.

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  1. George Hargraves says:

    For some reason the pictures remind me of Israeli terrain.

    Keep working and drinking. If one doesn’t kill you the other will.

  2. mike says:

    Like the info,I am travelling to Phuket Thailand next month and I am told that is very beautiful and the hotels are some of the best in the world.

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