Tomorrow my wife and I are going on holiday to the south of Vietnam for two weeks, possibly getting a quick trip to Cambodia whilst we’re at it.  At least one older American gentleman I work with on Sakhalin has grumbled that they never showed him any beaches when he was last there.

And for the benefit of one reader who knows who he is, I’ll try to find if any of the market stalls flogging American kit left over from the war has a lime-green, bell-bottomed leisure suit whose owner might have left it behind.  

Back on 18th February, see you shortly afterwards.

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2 Responses to Holidays

  1. L.S says:

    Have a safe and great trip! We will miss your posts. Looking forward for reading about your adventures and observations when back.

  2. Machiavelli says:

    My friend always regards me by KEISZO. It is a weird way of saying `best of luck` end so on.



    Snap sth interesting ;)

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