Gornii Vozdukh at night

Over the weekend we moved apartment to one which is larger, closer to the centre of the town, and offers a superb view of Gornii Vozdukh, the mountain situated behind Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk which I wrote about here.  Last night the authorities lit up the ski run for the first time this year and thus gave me an excuse to engage in a little night photography from our living room window.  For anyone who wonders why I forswear the superb little compact cameras currently available in favour of something which resembles what Hamas carries around the Gaza Strip, the answer is it enables me to take photographs like the one below, which is simply impossible with a compact.  Click on the picture for a bigger version.

Gornii Vozdukh, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

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5 Responses to Gornii Vozdukh at night

  1. How long is the ski run!? looks like it will take 1 minute to scoosh down it!

    I am with you on the Digital SLR front. Since I have had one, there’s no looking back to compacts at all for decent photos. They are handy for social occasions though I guess – i.e. if you get drunk and lose it, its not so bad.

  2. Tim Newman says:

    It’s not a large ski-run by any means, and a fit chap could walk up the mountain in little over half an hour. A decent skier could come down it in just over a minute, but for novices it takes a little longer. One of my colleagues here took 4 hours to come down it last year.

  3. Marco says:

    The view is fine Tim, the exterior of the blocks of flats seem OK too.Indeed the exterior of the blocks contrasts with your descriptions of the lifts. Do you pay service charges?

  4. Tim Newman says:


    Shots taken at night with the right settings can make anywhere look nice. The apartment blocks in the picture are not bad by Yuzhno standards, but are nothing special. Generally, and this could apply to all of Russia, the outside condition of apartment blocks is terrible, the communal areas such as lifts and stairwells even worse, but the inside of the apartments can be extremely nice indeed.

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