Weird French Rule #12,763

The weather has been warm in Paris of late, and so last Saturday my wife and I decided to go to the local swimming pool on the Île de Puteaux, which features deckchairs, an outdoor and indoor pool, and a kiddy pool.

Having paid the best part of 10 Euros each to enter, I was prevented from accessing the pool area because I was wearing Bermuda shorts like these:

What they had in mind was that I dress more like this:

(Huge thanks to TNA for letting me use his pic.)

The security guard actually invited me to purchase a set of budgie-smugglers from a vending machine out the front.

Fuck that.

So I went home, and my wife went in.  Later she told me that a security guard had pounced on two men lying on sun loungers for having the temerity to put their t-shirts on.  That the sun had gone behind a cloud and the temperature dropped was no excuse, apparently.

The French: effortlessly homosexual since 1923.

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7 Responses to Weird French Rule #12,763

  1. Michael Jennings says:

    The British: effortly British since, well, forever.

  2. PeteC says:

    Funny! :)
    The way I sort-of get round this is by using some swimming ‘shorts’ made of speedo material. So, they’re not quite as bad as the budgie-smuggler, but still gay enough for French pool standards. Bof. You can get them at decathlon, of course.

  3. David Duff says:

    I’ve a good mind to go over there wearing my swimming ‘baggies’ (as I call them) and strip off to the waist. That’ll cure their latent homosexuality in an instant!

  4. Alex K. says:

    Does this rule extend to women? No one-piece bathing suits, perhaps?

  5. Tim Newman says:


    Ah yes, I’ve seen them. I’d probably buy a pair were I convinced the local pool was anything worth hanging around. My wife, being Russian, is far more keen on it than I am.

  6. Tim Newman says:

    @Alex K.,

    Indeed, women are also told not to put t-shirts on, but it appears 1-piece bathing suits are allowed. Not sure what the topless rules are…

  7. Seb says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over?

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